A fashion doll marked 1991, Barbie clone, by Fibrecraft Materials. She is made of a light weight vinyl with a very light color. She is approximately 10.5 inches tall with brunette hair and a painted face. She is wearing Barbie clothes.

Fibre Crafts 16" Fashion Dolls. This pair of dolls came with a Fibre Crafts Beautiful Bride and Victorian Groom crochet patterns for making bride and groom clothes by crocheting from the pattern that was sold with the dolls. They are very inexpensive dolls that were made in Hong Kong and more than likely purchased from a craft store.

1988 Fibre Craft doll with homemade crocheted clothes. This doll has a button on her back that plays "Music Box Dancer" when pushed. Her mint green outfit is very nicely made but she is missing one of her little matching shoes.

An Indian Brave by Fibre-Craft Materials, copyright 1995 stamped on back. He comes with a package of beads taped to his chest ready for making him jewelry, decorating his clothes, or making him a headband. He stands approximately 15 inches tall.

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