photograph by Jo

Here is Selma from Selma, Alabama. Selma's clothes are made from a flour sack.

Dress-A-Doll, Precise Kit Promotions, Ramsey, NY.

Craft stores generally sell dolls that are used for hobbies, eg., mostly to design, sew or crochet clothes for. They usually come packaged in a cellophane bag and undressed. Some hobby-type dolls come with fabric and some come with a pattern for making the doll's clothes. This doll appears to be an inexpensive doll who came from a craft type store. The dress she is wearing appears to be homemade. Her jewelry also appears to be homemade from gold colored rick-rack. "Made in China" is the only identifying mark on this slender 15" doll.

This is a kit-doll from Syndee's Crafts, Ltd. This particular doll is named "Lily".

"Just For Keeps" distributed by Wang International.

"Holly Hobbie" handmade with love and care by Jo Hannah in 1973. The doll and her clothes are completely handmade. She is wearing her bonnet, pinafore trimmed in red embroidery stitching with two little yellow buttons on the front and three tiny baby buttons on the back, the red with tiny white polka dots cotton dress is trimmed in lace and has three tiny baby buttons on the back, the petticoat and matching panties are lace trimmed and there are bows on her panties, her shoes which are made of felt with a tiny pearl baby button on each one. Her face is hand embroidered and she has yellow yarn hair.

A crafty kewpie in clothes that were hand crocheted just for her. She looks happy with the results and loves to twirl around in her full-skirt.

Someone made this ragdoll and her clothes. She has curly hair with little red ribbons and an embroidered face.

This 8 inch doll has a bisque head and hands, primitive clothes and rope hair. There are no identifying marks on the doll. She looks like possibly a craft type doll from a hobby store. She feels like she is stuffed with cotton and sand.

A three-in-one Little Red Riding Hood, Grandmother, and Wolf custom made and tagged by Viola Tucker. Red Riding Hood and Grandmother both have plastic faces. Red Riding Hood has snythetic hair and Grandmother has yarn hair. The Wolf, hidden behind Grandmother's bonnet has a cloth head with an embroideried mouth and button eyes. The entire doll is about 22 inches tall and well made.

These five bisque dolls are each 7 inches tall and dressed in their colonial cotton dresses. They have a loop on their head and are probably Christmas tree ornaments. They are not marked with any identifying marks.

photograph by Jo

1952 homemade Topsy-Turvy doll from Kay's private collection and PJ dolls all handmade by Grandmother who was living in Combes, Texas and Harlingen, Texas in the early-to-mid-1950s. Fill the girl's skirt and the clown's tummy with pajamas and the skirt becomes full and the clown becomes fat.

photograph by Kay

1952 homemade Topsy-Turvy doll from Kay's private collection.

A soft doll with a crocheted body that is stuffed, a soft vinyl mask-type face and vinyl hands. The face is marked "Hong Kong" but there is no date. She appears to be a craft type doll that someone handmade.

A well-made Raggedy Ann wearing her crisp red dress and white apron is a nice doll that apparently is homemade. She has no tag to identify her as a store-bought doll but her quality shows that she was made by a capable and experienced seamtress. Her embroidered face is pretty and her red curly yarn hair even looks appropriate on Raggedy Ann. She is approximately 14 inches tall.

A 14 inch plastic doll who was probably purchased as a kit doll from a craft store. She is wearing a dress that belongs to one of her Groovy Girl friends, Sesilia. The shorts under the dress may likely belong to Ken. Her body is all plastic; she has light blonde hair and blue eyes with dark eyelashes and dark eyeshadow. She is wearing her original white high-heel shoes.

It is impossible to tell if this small scarecrow was handmade by someone or was purchased at a craft store to use for decorating. He is approximately 5 inches tall and has a painted face, yarn for straw, cotton clothes and felt for his hat and shoes. He does not have any tags or other markings of identification.

Raggedy Ann dressed in a dark blue floral dress and a white apron. She has dark red hair and an embroidered face. She appears to be homemade, but, if so, she is very well made.

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