"Belle" from "Beauty and the Beast". A plush 9 inch doll dressed in a yellow satin dress. She has an embroidered face and auburn hair made from a thin yarn. She was made especially for the Walt Disney Company with a Disney copyright by Canasa Trading Corp., CA.

A Disney Exclusive "Snow White", #88002 from the late 1990s Disney Classics Collection. She sold new for around $30.00 in the Disney Stores. She is dressed nicely with a dark blue cape lined in metallic red fabric that matches the bow in her hair. Her dress has a blue satin bodice with a yellow satin skirt with a thin shimmery over-skirt. She has a heavy cotton petticoat under her dress that keeps the skirt full and fluffy looking. She is a pretty doll with ivory skin, brown eyes, black hair and red lips.

Disney's Ariel by Mattel, marked 1995. Ariel and her bright red hair are the perfect combination with Barbie's red and white heart dress. Ariel is approximately 11 inches tall with long hair that falls to her knees. Barbie's dress is a white scoop neck short sleeve full skirt mini dress with valentine print fabric and red satin trim. The dress originally belonged to the 1994 Grocery Store Valentine Barbie.

Jessie from Toy Story is 18 inches tall and bendable. She is made exclusively for the Walt Disney Company. There is no date or manufacturer noted on her tag. She is complete with her big red cowgirl hat and her non-removable clothes and boots with spurs. She has yard hair tied with a yellow ribbon and a painted on face.

Disney's Bert the Chimney Sweep from Mary Poppins. A 10 inch bean bag made exclusively for The Disney Store and Disney Theme Parks.

Disney's "Lilo". She is not dressed in her Hawaiian dress but is wearing her original blue plush sandles. When new she was carrying "Scrump" on one arm and had a plush green bag where she carried her plush camera and brush. Lilo is all plush, including her hair.

Disney's "Lilo" dressed in her Hawaiian leaf skirt. She is missing her red swimsuit top. She is an all plush doll with an embroidered face.

Disney's "Boo" from Monster's Inc. She is plush except for her vinyl head, about 12 inches tall and wearing her original clothes.

Disney's 1995 Color Splash Tattoo "John Smith" from Pocahantas. His eagle tattoo changes color, from purple to aqua, when warm water is applied.

Disney's "Kim Possible" cheerleader doll with uniform and pom poms. She is approximately 10 inches tall and wearing her original clothes. She has red hair and a painted face. Made in China.

"Kim is a Kung fu fighting cheerleader who saves the world and still finds time to be a top student. She's smart, confident, and assertive, with a very driven Type A personality. Kim is very good-hearted, has a very positive attitude, and has made a career out of helping those in need. However, she's somewhat bossy and quite a perfectionist, and can be extremely demanding of both herself and those around her, not to mention that she sometimes shows a lack of faith in others' abilities and can be a bit arrogant about her own. As a consequence, Kim also tends to easily become annoyed and impatient toward obnoxious or underachieving individuals. Oddly enough, her best friend Ron Stoppable is the very personification of Type B personality, laid-back ambivalence and randomness, and she seems to have learned some degree of tolerance through him."

Copyright Disney "High School Musical" 2007 Mattel, Inc. Gabriella & Troy sing "Breaking Free". "Hoops star Troy and brainy Gabriella break all the rules of East High society when they reach for the stars and audition for lead roles in their school musical! It's the smash hit Disney Channel Original Movie everyone is talking about!"

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