Loonette, 1997 (tm) Big Comfy, distributed by Playmates Toys. Loonette is approximately 15" tall and has a vinyl head, hat, hands, and legs. She is wearing her original clothes.

Playmates' 2002 Disney Ariel.

Disney's 2002 Ariel by Playmates.

Disney's 2002 Ariel by Playmates.

Playmates' Baby so Beautiful, 1995.

This little school girl is small, about 6 1/2". She is dressed in her original clothes except her shoes are missing. She is a Tiara Doll, a line of dolls that were made from 1981-1986, by Playmates Toys.

Cinderella by Playmates Toys. Marked 2000, and wearing her original clothes without her shoes.

Amazing Ally by Playmates Toys. Marked 1999, the clothes she is wearing are her original clothes but incomplete. She is an interactive doll who talks when she is accompanied with her accessories. Her mouth moves when she is talking. Amazing Ally is 18 inches tall. Her white kitten is one of her accessories and plugs into the socket in her right hand.

Amazing Maddie by Playmates Toys, still in her original box. Amazing Maddie is 18 inches tall and is an interactive doll that is absolutely "Amazing". She is complete with all of her accessories but has not been removed from her box.

10.5 inch baby doll by Playmates Toys marked 1986 on the body tag. Vinyl head, arms, and legs and a stuffed cloth body. Open/close bright blue eyes with extra long eyelashes, a sweet looking small mouth and molded hair. The body is not as soft as many of the other stuffed dolls and the arms and legs are in a unique position. The doll is not wearing her original clothes.

Disney's 2004 Baby Princess Cinderella by Playmates Toys, Inc. She is a pretty princess dressed in her original tagged clothes minus her shoes. She is 12 inches tall and a pretty doll with her painted face and blonde hair.

Disney's Baby Princess Snow White by Playmates Toys, 2002.

A young lady by Playmates, 1980. This 17 inch doll is dressed very nicely in all of her original clothes, but missing one shoe. She is all vinyl with very detailed hands and features. The doll and her clothes both slightly resemble the 1983 13 inch doll by Playmates named Vanessa.

Disney's Ariel by Playmates Toys, 2003. Ariel is approximately 18 inches tall and wearing her original clothes. Ariel talks and sings when she has batteries.

Disney's 15 inch Snow White. Complete in her original clothes, but missing her shoes. A very pretty "Princess".

"Barbie size" celebrity doll by Playmates, 2003. This appears to be the rock star Hilary Duff dressed in Barbie's clothes which includes the jacket she borrowed from the Barbie "Rockers".

Cindy Lou Who from the characters of Dr. Seuss and the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Copyright Universal Studies and distributed by Playmates Toys, 2000. Cindy Lou Who is approximately 11 inches tall and has non-removable clothes.

Ariel by Playmates Toys, 2003. She is 15 inches tall and wearing her original clothes.

Totally Troll Hocus P. Pocus Wizard Doll, Series 1. It's "Magic" a Troll who is approximately 4 inches tall. He has pure white hair and orange eyes. His right hand has a blue star on its palm and when you hold his hand a secret message "Magic" appears and the star disappears. He is wearing his dark blue outfit that is trimmed in gold braid and gold stars. He is marked "Original TT Troll", "2001, Troll Company ApS, Playmates Toys, Authorized user. Made in China, K1138."

Amazing Baby Doll by Playmates 2000. She is approximately 15 inches tall and wearing what appears to be her original clothes. She talks and turns her head to "listen" when she is spoken to. The baby says, "Hello Mommy, let's play together", "Mommy, I want cookie please", "sigh, night night Mommy", "It's time to eat Mommy, Mommy I want my bottle", "Mommy where is my teddy bear?". "Mommy my tummy is hungry, applesauce please", "applesauce please", "I go to sleep Mommy", "It's playtime Mommy", "Mommy where is my blanket?", "Goo de da de ga", "Can I have a cookie?". This doll is interactive with her accessories and has a sweet face with bright inset blue eyes.

"Sydney", Amazing Little Friends by Playmates Toys, 2002. Sydney is approximately 15 inches tall and wearing her original clothes. She has long blonde hair, blue eyes with long eyelashes, and her mouth and eyes have glitter so they will sparkle. She is an interactive doll who responds to her accessories and she talks. This particular doll seems to be over-bearing and have a grating voice. If purchased for a child there would be a temptation to return it as being unsatisfactory. Her laugh, giggling, and voice make her appear "in control" but not a friendly doll for a child to interact with and not at all like the others in the "Amazing" series from Playmates Toys. Some of the phrases she says are, "I'm here, I'm Sydney", "I'm so excited, I want to be a movie star", "Would you like to be a movie star too?","Please press Yes or No on my bracelet". The doll responds to her questions when one of the two buttons on her bracelet is pushed. "Alright, we can be movie stars together", "laugh-laugh-giggle", "Let's make a story together", "Pretending with you is cool", "I love to sing country songs too, Yeah! Bravo! laugh-laugh", "Do you like starring in plays too. laugh, giggle. Lets play a game, I'm pretending to be someone guess who. If you think I'm pretending to be a movie star put my tiara on my head. Hey, lets do something else. I love to be a ballerina, do you like ballet. Awesome!" "We can be anybody we want to be", "We need to get dressed up", "Now we're ready, you must be a star you look so pretty." Her different clothes plug into the numerous sockets on her body and she then knows what she is wearing.

"Little Cousins" copyright 2002 Playmates Toys. This funny face little cousin has very large brown eyes and is approximately 7 inches tall. She has her mouth open as if she is singing. Her clothes are removable except for her shoes. She has light brown hair and it is braided so it doesn't get in her face while she is playing outdoors.

A 12 inch baby doll by Playmates, made in Hong Kong. She has a soft body with vinyl head, arms, and legs. She has open/close eyes and molded hair and is not wearing her original clothes.

An 11 inch all vinyl doll by Playmates, made in China. One of Snow White's Dwarfs, "Dopey", dressed in his original clothes, but he did lose his shoes. Press the button on his chest and he whistles his happy tune.

An 11 inch all vinyl doll by Playmates, made in Hong Kong. Original clothes that are tagged "Playmates, Hong Kong" and close with large size snap. She has open/close eyes, will drink & wet, and has short blonde hair.

Cinderella's skirt swirls around to music when the heart in the center of her crown is depressed. This tall slender doll has blonde hair, blue eyes, rosy lips and is approximately 18 inches tall. Her skirt is non-removable.

A 2004 Disney Princess by Playmates Toys. She is all vinyl with brunette hair. She is not wearing her original clothes, it looks like she may have borrowed a dress from Madeline. She is approximately 12 inches tall. She has pink lips and large green eyes.

A 2005 Disney Princess by Playmates Toys. She is all vinyl with yellow hair, big blue eyes, and a big smile. She is wearing her original dress but is missing her shoes and stockings. She is approximately 15 inches tall.

Playmates "Berry Lil' Babies" Splash'n Bath Time, copyright 2008 TCFC. A drink and wet Strawberry Shortcake with a strawberry scent. Strawberry Shortcake is approximately 4-5 inches tall and has red hair and a red outfit. The bathtub really works.

Playmates Strawberry Shortcake "Sweet Sleepover".

Playmates Strawberry Shortcake Ballet.

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