Cuero, Texas
DeWitt County

photograph by Kay

Cuero is named after Cuero Creek, which the Spanish had called Arroyo del Cuero, or Creek of the Rawhide, in reference to the Indians' practice of killing wild cattle that got stuck in the mud of the creekbed. Cuero is located in central DeWitt County and is the largest city in the county as well as the county seat. The city government was organized in the summer of 1873; the town was incorporated on April 23, 1875, and it replaced Clinton as county seat in 1876.

Cuero High School serves approximately 750 students in grades nine, ten, eleven and twelve. Most of the students come from within the city of Cuero or from the surrounding communities of Westhoff, Meyersville, and Nursery. Travel through Cuero on a September night and you'll likely hear the "Gobblers" singing their CHS Fight Song at a football game:

Fight Song
Wave the flag for Cuero High School;
All hail that grand old name.
Wave the flag for Cuero High School;
Watch us win this game.
Let's go, you fighting Cuero Gobblers,
And fight with all your might.
Wave the flag for Cuero high School
And we'll win for Green and White.

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