Corpus Christi, Texas
Nueces County

Lyn's photograph, ca. 1940s

Lyn's 1940s photograph of Corpus Christi.

photograph by Kay

Corpus Christi is the county seat of Nueces County, located on the Texas coast about 200 miles southwest of Houston.

This water tower is visible in Corpus Christi while driving on SPID on the way to North Padre Island.

photograph by Kay

This Corpus Christi water tower is located at the intersection of 11th and Elizabeth Streets.

By 1914 Corpus Christi was served by four railroads, the Texas Mexican, the San Antonio and Aransas Pass, the St. Louis, Brownsville and Mexico, and the San Antonio, Uvalde and Gulf. The expanding network of links with the outside world contributed to the town's rapid development.

A city administration elected in 1913 headed by mayor Roy Miller adopted an agressive program of modernization. The efforts, however, all seemed to come to naught on September 14, 1919, when the city was hit by a powerful hurrican that destroyed much of the North Beach area and the central business district and killed some 350 to 400 people.

In 1922 President Warren G. Harding approved a rivers and harbors act that authorized construction of the ship channel. Finally, on September 14, 1926, seven years to the day after the hurricane hit, the jubilant city celebrated the opening of its deepwater port. The impact on Corpus Christi was immediate. In just ten years, from 1920 to 1930, the city's population more than doubled.

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