A Zapf Creations 7 inch baby doll complete with pacifier and teddybear. He is wearing his original clothes and night cap tagged by Zapf Creations.

"Petunia" a Maggie Raggies by Zapf Creations. Petunia is a gardener and comes with her gardening glove in her pocket. She also came with some other accessories, a plush watering can and some garden vegetables. She is 16 inches tall with yarn hair and painted and sewn features. She has a plush body with internal wire support that helps make her posable. Not showing is the big orange flower sewn on her floppy hat.

A Zapf Creations Jolly Dolly marked 1999, wearing her original clothes tagged by Zapf Creations. Jolly Dolly is 8 inches tall with red hair and blue eyes.

A 12 inch Zapf Creations sleeping doll tagged 1998. She has a vinyl head, arms, and legs with a pellet filled cloth body. The doll is not wearing her original clothes.

An 11 inch Zapf Creations doll tagged D-96472 Rodental/Coburg Germany and marked Max Zaft 0054/14. He has a vinyl head, arms, and legs with a stuffed cloth body. This baby doll has open/close light blue eyes and molded hair that is barely noticable. He is not wearing his original clothes.

Zapf Creation "Rock-a-Bye" Chou Chou baby doll from Rodental, Germany. She cries and makes baby noises, with batteries, that sound very realistic. She is 19 inches tall, has eyes that open and close and a well-made cloth body. She is not wearing her original clothes.

Zapf Creation "Baby Born", copyright D-96472, Rodental, made in China. Approximately 16 inches long. The doll has a hard plastic body with vinyl arms, legs, and head. She drinks, wets, and cries real tears. Press her left arm and she makes crying noises, give her water and she wets, then press her right arm and she cries tears. She is not wearing her original clothes but the colorful baby sheet is an original "Baby Born" sheet. Her pacifier is also marked "Baby Born".

Zapf Chou Chou 19 inch baby doll. With batteries she cries and makes a sucking noise when given her bottle. She has a soft cloth body, a vinyl head and vinyl arms and legs. She is not wearing her original clothes.

Zapf Creations, 8 inch doll with brown hair and brown eyes. She may be wearing her original shorts but not her original shirt. She is stamped 1999 on the back of her head and she looks like she is a Zapf Jolly Dolly.

Zapf Creations, 4 inch black baby doll wearing a bunny suit. She has a soft body and a vinyl head.

1997 Zapf Creations, 8 inch little girl with blue eyes wearing a pink/white checked dress.

Zapf Creation Chou Chou 19 inch baby doll in her "Chou Chou" clothes. An action doll that uses batteries.

Zapf Creation baby doll who is approximately 15-16 inches long. She is an all vinyl doll with a bald head, open mouth and light blue inset eyes. Squeeze her left arm and she squeaks. She is wearing a tagged Pleasant Co. birthday dress made for the American Girl Baby. The plastic birthday cake is part of the same Pleasant Co. birthday set. The dress is pink/white checked with a large white scalloped collar that is trimmed in small pink flowers.

Zapf Creation Chou Chou 18 inch baby doll wearing a pretty pink dress that is not her original clothes. A talking doll that uses batteries. She has blue eyes with thick eyelashes.

Zapf Creation Chou Chou 19 inch baby doll in her original Zapf clothes. An action doll that moves her mouth and makes noises.

Just like a real baby, a Zapf Creation 18 inch baby doll who is wearing her original Zapf outfit. Her eyes open and close and she has molded hair. The cap she is wearing is more than likely not original but it does keep her head warm. She is getting potty trained on a pink enamaled potty that is over 70 years old.

Jolly Dolly by Zapf Creations is approximately 8 inches tall. She has a soft plush body with a vinyl head, arms and legs. She has two blonde pony tails and glass-type blue eyes. She is wearing her original t-shirt.

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