A ballerina by Tyco marked 1989. She is 17 inches tall and with batteries must dance with her springy ankles and multiple joints. She carries her rose as she does her ballet.

1995 Wiggles'N Giggles by Tyco. With batteries she moves around and kicks her legs as she giggles. She is approximately 13 inches tall and has non-removable clothes. Her eyelet skirt is not part of her original clothes. Her diaper has velcro closures on the sides which opens the front of the diaper but it does not come off. She is an all plush doll with a vinyl face. She has one little whisp of hair that shows.

Tyco's "Mommy's Having a Baby" doll. This doll is expecting and once the baby comes she has another dress without the pocket underneath that holds the baby and without the exposed stomach. She is wearing an engagement ring and a wedding ring. Stamped "Tyco 1992" on her head. She is approximately 19 inches tall with long blonde rooted hair and a painted face.

Tyco's "Baby Feels So Real" doll. A 1991 doll who feels "so real" weighing approximately 3 pounds. Feel her body and you will feel her bone structure as well as the soft spot on the top of her head, just like a real baby. She has blue glass-type eyes and her mouth is slight open. She has an all vinyl body and head that has molded hair.

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