An exclusive TY Beanie Bopper from England, a boy named Footie from 2001. He is wearing his original clothes. He has been playing with the one-of-a-kind game board that was handmade in the early 1940s with a "new" woodburning set and paint on a piece of plywood.

TY Teenie Beanie Boppers, 7 inch versions of the full size 12 inch TY Beanie Boppers.

TY Beanie Boppers.

TY Beanie Boppers.

TY Beanie Kids.

"Luvie" a TY Beanie Bopper. Introduced January 1, 2001, retired January 1, 2002. Her birthday is February 14, 1994.

"Princess" a 2000 TY Beanie Bopper wearing a special princess outfit.

Mr. Frog is partial to Beanie Boppers and Beanie Kids. On his left is TY's 2000 "Specs" a boy wearing glasses, who some say resemble Harry Potter. On his right is "Cutie", a girl with short curly hair with red bows who is also from TY in 2000. Both are wearing their original clothes.

Chillin' Charlie, a TY Teenie Beanie Boppers from 2002. He's a "Kool Dude" with his dark sunglasses and straggly hair. His birthday is March 18th and his hometown is Sacramento, CA. His favorite things are skateboarding, stunt bikes, and walkie talkies.

Noelle, dressed in her red Christmas dress which is trimmed with a Christmas tree. She is one of the TY Beanie Kids from 2001. Her DOB is December 10, 1994, and her hang tag states, " Family, friends and lots of cheer This is my favorite time of year!"

1999 Chipper dressed for sun and surf in his Hawaiian style clothes and beach towel. He lost one of his green shoes in the sand.

Two 2001 Rugged Rustys, both wearing their original clothes and both with backpacks. One is studying to be a doctor and wearing a stethoscope. Their birthday is November 3rd and their hometown is St. Charles, Missouri. It is unknown when or why they came to Texas but if their smiles are any indication they must be enjoying themselves in Texas.

TY 2001 "Sassy Star" Beanie Bopper.

TY 2000 "Blondie" Beanie Bopper. Blondie is not wearing her original clothes, she is wearing a pair of vintage red flannel pajamas. The pajamas are probably from the late 1950s.

TY 2004 "Angeline" plush doll from the TY Angeline Collection. A soft plush little angel complete with her miniature book and wearing all of her original clothes. Tiny wings at the top of her shoulders and a soft cotton nightgown in blue with yellow stars and light blue velour slippers.

TY 2002 "Glitzy Gabby" plush doll from the TY Teenie Beanie Bopper Collection.

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