TY Pillow Pals.

TY Attic Treasures, "Fraser" the Bear. 1992, 1st generation tush tag with facsimile of Ruth Fraser's signature. Original teal ribbon (frayed on ends).
In 1993, Ty Warner of the Ty, Inc., introduced the first 12 in the series named "The Attic Treasures Collection." The series included, Clifford, Dexter, Fraser, Gilbert, Henry Gold, Jeremy, Reggie, Sara, Tiny Tim, Tyler, Woolie Brown, and Woolie Gold.

TY Classic Plush, "Tango" the tan monkey and "Tango" the white monkey, 1994.

TY "Grandmother" and "Grandfather" Beanie Babies, dob September 12, 2004. Embroidered "Grandma" and "Grandpa" on their left feet.

TY "Millenium", dob January 1, 1999. "Jake", dob April 16, 1997.

TY "Clover", dob March 17, 2001. "A bit o' good luck I will bring, If you believe in such a thing, Fortune will follow everywhere, As long as you have friends that [sic] care!

TY "Baby Curly Bear", 1992. A TY Classic, 12 inches tall, wearing a white sweater with U.S.A. in red.

TY "Righty 2000".

TY "Sizzle", 2001.

TY "Thomas", 2004, dob April 13, 1743.

TY "The Alphabet Beanie Baby Bear" 2005. This little brown bear is holding the letter "K" and is part of the "Alphabet Beanies" series.

TY Poodle "Ooh-La-La", 2004 Beanie Baby. DOB May 6, 2004, "Can you guess my favorite hue? To me, it seems easy to do. Take a minute stop and think. My most favorite color's pink!"

Two Beanie Baby cats by TY, 1996 "Chip" and 1997 "Pounce".

2000 Attic Treasure by TY, "Klaus". "Sleigh What?"

TY's Chopstix the red and yellow Monkey, 2003.

"Oats" a horse, dated 2000 on his tush tag, by TY.

"Sam" a Beanie Original Buddy by TY. Dressed like our Dear ol' Uncle Sam, sporting his red, white, and blue top hat and tie, this red teddy bear is a keeper for the patriotic. He is about 16 inches tall. His hang tag states, "A famous portrait of Uncle Sam was used by the U. S. Army on a recruiting poster during World War I ! Sam's tush tag is dated 2004.

"Lacey" the TY 2002 white bear is wearing a pink Valentine sweater. The TY brown furry bear is tagged 1987.

"Lexie" a 2005 TY Classic fluffy black cat. Little pink ears are complimented by a maroon colored sheer ribbon around the neck, this little black cat has white feet and a white underside and is fluffy and very soft.

"Pappa" the TY 2002 Beanie Baby orange bear wearing his necktie.

"Spunky" the TY 1997 Beanie Baby Cocker Spaniel.

"Germania" the TY 1999 bear with a German flag embroidered on his chest and a yellow and a maroon ribbon around his neck.

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