4 inch, freckle faced girl by T.N.T. She is "made in China" and wearing her original clothes. Her painted facial features are cute with a smile, freckles, and big blue eyes. She is not marked or tagged with a date.

4 inch troll with blue eyes and bright yellow hair by T.N.T. She is dressed only in a diaper and a pink bib trimmed in lace. The troll is playing in the pop-up book "Spooky Castle, A bone-rattling adventure" by Nick Denchfield. Macmillan Children's Books, 2003.

T.N.T.'s version of the Strawberry Shortcake type dolls. This is the Grape Sweet Treats. She is approximately 4.5 inches tall and smells of grape candy. Her lavender colored hair and purple striped dress are all original. She has lost her shoes but does have on her purple stockings. She is not marked with date so her age is not known.

1991 TNT Troll who is approximately 5 inches tall, made in China, dressed in his original rain gear and ready for the approaching storm. His red galoshes are keeping his feet dry as he stands in a puddle in the middle of Madera Canyon.

1991 TNT doll who is approximately 3 inches tall. She has a full head of blonde hair and a not-so-pretty face. She is not wearing her original clothes. Her blue eyes are big and she has a smile big enough to show some of her teeth. She is admiring a picture of a 63 year old red Teddy Bear.

1991 TNT troll with bright yellow hair. He wanted to be a "Homie" but he grew too large.

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