Sonic Fast Food Zoo Train Car.

The Sonic fast food train car is sitting on the siding at the train station. The next scheduled train has been delayed but not cancelled. The happy and the not-so-happy passengers all agree that they will eventually get to their destination, but that it will probably not be on time. If the dining car thinks to serve Sonic's Footlong Chili Cheese Hotdogs and Limeade everyone will keep smiling and waiting patiently.

The Sonic Ear Light is putting some light on the 1953 comics. It isn't just Dick Tracy who has all the latest gadgets. This ear light from Sonic should make every kid feel like a modern day Dick Tracy.

Fast Food toy from Sonic, the "Orange Peeler".

Made for Sonic, 2002. The "Jolly Rancher"(r) bat. A friendly bat with green eyes and a secret compartment is a real clip-on.

Made for Sonic, dinosaur. Copyright 2003, ADIT.

Made for Sonic, 2003, a miniature metal lunchbox.

Fast Food toy from Sonic. Red lizard, copyright 1998, America's Drive-In Trust.

Fast Food toy from Sonic, Goodwrench Service, Car #3 Chevrolet. Copyright 2003 ADIT.

Made for Sonic, America's Drive-In, the Cranium Car.

Made for Sonic, dinosaur. Copyright 2003, ADIT.

Made for Sonic bobblehead.

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