The first Monchhichi Dolls were copyrighted and made by Sekiguchi Doll Company in 1974 and made in Japan. Sekiguchi Doll Company was one of the largest doll companies in Japan. In the early or mid 1980s the dolls were made with more variety including brown eyes, not just blue, different colors of fur, and other animals, i.e., not just monkeys. In 1976 the Boutique Monchhichi was introduced and this series produced hundreds of clothes for the little furry dolls. Other companies like Mattel and Paradies also made Monchhichi dolls under license from Sekiguchi. The lamb pictured here is an original Sekiguchi Monchhichi Doll, made in Japan, and wearing her original clothes. Her red shoes are stamped on the bottoms "Sekiguchi" and she has her "Sekiguchi" tag sewn into her back. The date is not stated on the tag but this doll was more than likely produced in the mid-1980s.

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