"The Real Mother Goose" Side Kicks by Scholastic, 1998. "For over 80 years 'The Real Mother Goose' has been delighting children . . ." This all original plush cloth doll is complete and perfect. The original price was $19.99 when new.

1993 Baby Sitter's Club Doll Claudia by Scholastic. Claudia is in her original clothes including hot pink tights with short purple denim overalls, lace trimmed white blouse and purple boots. She is wearing one of her earrings.

Scholastic Side-Kicks "Emily Elizabeth" tagged 1999 with her red dog Clifford. Emily Elizabeth is 12 inches tall and dressed in her original clothes, a dark blue corduroy jumper and pink and white striped knit shirt. She is an all cloth rag doll with bright yellow yarn hair and an embroidered face with a happy smile. The red Clifford shown is dated 2003 and also by Scholastic Entertainment, Inc., a trademark of Norman Bridwell, Wendy's International.

"Mary Had a Little Lamb", tagged 1998, from Scholastic. Soft plush doll, about 13 inches tall with nonremovable shoes and bonnet. Embroidered face, yarn hair and a lamb.

Emily Elizabeth by Scholastic is 6 inches tall. She is an all plush doll with lemon yellow yarn hair. Her clothes are non-removable. She is part of Scholastic's Clifford the Big Red Dog series. Copyright 2002, Scholastic Entertainment, Inc. and logos are trademarks of Norman Bridwell. Toy Island Manufacturing Co.

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