Racing Champions "Mint Edition", 1996 Dodge Ram. Metal bottom, white or very light lavender paint color, red interior, hood opens, wheels are chrome color with star in center, two chrome color side mirrors, hard bed cover. Marked #27.

Racing Champions Parts America Car #17, copyright 1996.

Racing Champions Western Auto Parts America Car, copyright 1989.

Monte Carlo by Racing Champions, 1996. Race car advertising Bayer Aspirin, Alka-Selzer, Goodyear, and other products. Tires are marked Goodyear #1 Eagle. Tony Labonte's car #5.

1990 Racing Champion, Inc., made in China. Nascar Trailer advertising Heilig-Meyers Racing - DonLavey Racing - Mike Wallace - Ford .

1998 Racing Champion, Inc. This silver car has plenty under its hood along with ample rubber on the ground to take on most anyone and win.

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