Two dolls by the Precious Moments Co. The boy is dated 2000 and the girl is 1998.

Two dolls by the Precious Moments Co. Rhea #1617 is in pink gingham check and Paula #1658 is in a pink party dress.

Precious Moments, three cute girls.

Precious Moments, 1998 series.

1993 Dawn from Precious Moments. Dawn is dressed for bed in her flannel gown, robe, nightcap and fuzzy house slippers. She is missing her little rag doll but otherwise complete.

Plush Prayer doll says a short prayer when squeezed.

Precious Moments Garden of Friends series, 2nd edition #1428 12 inch Daisy - April issued in 1995.

Shannon from Ireland, 1994 Children of the World Series by Precious Moments. Nine inches tall and wearing her original clothes.

A Precious Moments doll who is 12 inch tall with dark brown hair put up in ponytails. She is wearing her original tagged over-alls but her blouse is missing. She has on her dark blue shoes with a pink flower decorating each shoe that matches the buttons on her outfit. She is not marked with a date or with her name.

Second in the Stocking Doll Series, Nicole, #1056, was a limited edition of 40,000. She was produced by QVC in 1994. She came in a big Christmas stocking, which is missing on this doll. She has pretty green eyes and dark hair in braids. Her red flannel pajamas are non-removable.

Precious Moments 12 inches tall with a cloth body. She has her original lavender bows in her hair but does not have on her original clothes. She is stamped 1998 on her head and is tagged 2000. She has a white butterfly embedded on her foot.

Precious Moments Luv 'N' Care, marked 1999. This soft doll plays music when the string on her stomach is pulled. She is holding a little lamb that has gold wings and is dressed in her original silky white dress and has soft yellow baby yarn hair.

Precious Moments "Tender Tails" white and lavender owl. 1998 Special Limited Edition, copyright by PMI, licensed by Enesco Corporation. This plush owl has a bean filled body and a soft stuffed head. He has the classic Precious Moments eyes and a pink heart on the bottom of his left foot.

1998 Precious Moments Angel, approximately 11 inches tall. She is wearing her halo and her original white satin robe. Two small patches which are part of her original outfit, one blue on her left sleeve, and one that is pink and heart shaped on her back just below her wings. Her satin wings that match her robe are quilted with a soft scallop pattern. She has very dark blue eyes and short blonde hair. She is wearing white tights but appears to have lost her shoes. She has a vinyl head, arms, and legs and a soft stuffed body.

Precious Moments marked 1998 on her head and 1999 on her body tag. She is wearing her original dress but does not have her shoes. Her dress is a very pretty pink floral fabric with a white organdy pinafore. She is approximately 11 inches tall, with brunette hair, brown eyes and a white star embedded on the bottom of her right foot.

Precious Moments tagged copyright 2000 PMI. She is approximately 5 inches tall with light blonde hair and brown eyes. Her pink shoes are non-removable and she is wearing her original pink and white dress trimmed in white lace and pink satin ribbon.

Precious Moments 9 inch "Natalie", #1551 a Christmas Caroler, in her red stockings, black shoes and Christmas dress which is printed with red/green poinsettas and holly. She is wearing her brunette straight hair in two pony tails. Her green eyes match her dress but she has lost her book of Christmas carols. She is marked 1994 PMI on her back but is one of a 3 piece set of Christmas carolers available in 1997, which includes Regina #1550, Natalie and Ian #1552.

All three dolls are still in production.

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