Dulles International Airport. The official gateway to the United States for diplomats and other visitors from abroad. The airport is owned and operated by the Federal Government. The unusual terminal design features a 4 acre roof, whose 4,000,000 pound weight is suspended on cables slung between 32 concrete pylons." Card No. S-271-C, purchased October 21, 1975.

Hotel Hamilton, 14th and K Sts., N.W., Washington, D.C. "Hotel Hamilton, Washington, D. C. The only hotel selected by the jury of architects to receive the medal for structural beauty awarded by the Washington Board of Trade's Municipal Art Committee. Rooms air conditioned. Circulating ice water." Post Card No. 30525.

"Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D. C., here seen from the steps of the U. S. Treasury, is one of the famous streets of the world. It is the route of the INauguration Day procession from the Capitol to the White House." One-Cent Post Card No. 37534.

Library of Congress, Washington, D. C. "Justly celebrated as the culmination of architectural achievement of the day. Was completed in 1897 at a cost of over $6,000,000. The Library is here seen from the Capitol. The dome and lantern are finished in black copper, with panels gilded with thick coatings of gold leaf; and the cresting of the dome terminates in a gilded finial representing the torch of science ever burning." One-Cent Post Card No. 16748.

"The U.S. Capitol, Washington, D. C. set on a height overlooking the amphitheater of the Potomac, is one of the largest and stateliest buildings in the world. It is 751 feet in length and 350 feet in width, covering three and a half acres. The statue of Freedom on the dome towers 107 feet above the explanade. The corner-stone was laid by PResident Washington in 1793, the central building was finished in 1797; and the extensions were first occupied by Congress in 1857 and 1859." One-Cent Post Card No. 42049.

"The Washington Monument (Height 555 feet), Washington, D. C. is a stupendous shaft of granite, 555 feet 5 and 1-8 inches in height. It is 65 feet square at the base, 34 feet at the top, and terminates in a pyramid of pure aluminum. The foundation of rock and cement is 36 feet deep, 126 feet square. The cornerstone was liad in 1848, the Monument was finished in 1886. It is the highest work of masonry in the world." One-Cent Post Card No. R-16720.

"Christopher Columbus Memorial, Union Station Plaza, Washington, D. C. designed by Lorado Taft, and erected at a cost of $100,000, consists of a marble fountain, with a statue of Columbus and figures symboliizing the Spirit of Discovery, the Old World (Caucasian) and New World (Indian.) A globe typefies the new knowledge Columbus gave of the shape of the world, and there are American Eagles and Medallions of Ferdinand and Isabella." One Cent Post Card No. 28881.

"U. S. Capitol From House Office Building, Washington, D. C., set on a height overlooking the amphitheatre of the Potomac, is one of the largest and stateliest buildings in the world. It is 751 feet in length and 359 feet in width, covering three and a half acres. The statue of Freedom on the dome towers 307 feet above the esplanade. The cornerstone was laid by President Washington in 1793; the central building was finished in 1797; and the extensions were first occupied by Congress in 1857." One Cent Post Card No. 13430.

"First Division Monument and War and State Departments, Washinton, D. C., a beautiful white granite shaft surmounted with a gold statue of Victory, by Daniel Chester French, was erected to commemorate the heroic deeds of the First Division, A.E.F., in the World War. It was erected by the Memorial Association of the First Division and its friends." One-Cent Post Card No. 19633.

U. S. Treasury, Washington, D. C. is here seen from Pennsylvania avenue. The solidity of the massive building is in keping with its office as a treasure house--the Bank of the Nation. The total length is 450 feet and the width 250 feet. The view shows the south front with its portico and the Ionic columns of the 15th street front." One-Cent Post Card No. 30107.

White House, Washington, D. C. The White House has been the home of the Presidents from the time of John Adams to the present. Washington selected the site, laid the corner-stone in 1792, and with his wife inspected the finished building in 1799. The building is of Virginia freestone. After the house had been fired by British troops in 1814, and only the walls were left standing, the restored exterior was painted white to obliterate the marks of the fire." One Cent Post Card No. R-8390.

"Washington City from Potomac Park, Washington, D.C. along Riverside Drive is very beautiful. Many of the government buildings can be seen across the water." One Cent Post Card No. 23508.

"Library of Congress and House Office Building, Washington, D.C. from Dome of the U. S. Capitol is looking southeast and gives the stranger to the Capitol City, an idea of the artistic plan of treatment, instituted by Major L.'Enfant, the great French engineer, who laid out the city at the solicitation of George Washington." One Cent Post Card No. R-7747.

"Patio and Aztec Fountain, Pan-American Union, Washington, D. C. The most striking feature of the beautiful Pan-American Union Buildin is the Patio and the famous Aztec Fountain. The richness of various tropical plants carries an atmosphere and suggestion of Latin-America that is very pleasing." Post Card No. R-84065.

"New Bureau of Printing and Engraving on Potomac Park Basin, Washington, D.C. is a branch of the United States Treasury and the most interesting part of its work is keeping the nation supplied with money. It give employment to about 4,000 people and its average total daily output is between six and seven million dollars in value. Besides the engraving of plates for, and printing United States gold and silver certificates and national bank notes, here are also made postage and Internal Revenue stamps, checks, bonds and all government paper securities." One Cent Post Card No. 26299.

"New National Museum, Washington, D. C. contains the Government collections, comprising millions of objects of scientific and artistic interest, collected from all quarters of the globe." One-Cent Post Card No. R-8989.

Corcoran Art Gallery, Wsahington, D.C. founded by William F. Corcoran in 1869, possesses valuable collections of paintings, sculptures and other works of art. The graceful lines of the exterior are well shown in the picture." One Cent Post Card No. 20231.

"Post Office Department, Washington, D.C. The Post Office Department is an immense granite building on Pennsylvania Avenue and 12th Street. The administrative offices of the Postal Service of the United States are in this building." One Cent Post Card No. 33785.

Pan-American Union, Washington, D. C. is maintained by the twenty-one American Republics including the United States, for the development of Pan-American commerce, friendship and peace. This new building completed in April, 1919, cost $1,000,000." One Cent post cardno. 33786.

U. S. Government Printing Office, (Largest in the World), Washington, D.C. The Government Print Office located at N. Cap. and H. Sts., is-the largest and finest printing office inthe world. It cost more than $2,000,000 and the entire plant is valued at more than $16,000,000. With every known labor saving machine in use it carries a pay roll of $4,000,000 per annum. A thousant different important books, pamphlets, circular bills, daily, weekly and monthly publications, and small jobs are printed here for the Government. Over 7,000,000 Postal cards have been turned out in one day." One Cent Post Card No. R-8395.

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. was founded in 1846 by the generosity of James Smithson, 'for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men.' Its purpose is to stimulate, encourage and reward scientific investigation and study." One cent Post Card No. R-8388.

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