"904 'Mormon' Temple Grounds in Winter, Salt Lake City, Utah. The Temple Block is one of the beauty spots of Salt Lake City. The unique buildings are of general interest. The lawns, trees and flowers in the summer are of rare beauty but when covered with the winter snow this beauty is enhanced and forms an added attraction."

"915 -- Main Street at Night, Salt Lake City, Utah. East Temple Street (Salt Lake City's Main Street) like all of Salt Lake's standard streets is 132 ft. wide. These wide straight streets are the admiration of all who see them. They afford ample room for parking on both sides leaving plenty of room for traffic without fear of congestion. Main Street at night is almost as light as day." Card No. OB-H2456.

"916 -- 'Mormon' Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah" "Temple Square is a ten-acre block encompassed by a stone and adobe wall, 12 feet high and 3 feet thick, with large gates on each of the four sides. Within the wall are the great 'Mormon' Temple, Tabernacle Assembly Hall, Museum, one of the oldest houses in Utah, and a bureau of information in the Tabernacle a free organ recital is given daily for Salt Lake City visitors." Post Card No. OB-H2166, postmarked August 24, 1956.

"917 -- Utah State Capitol Building, Salt Lake City, Utah. Utah may justly be proud of its State Capitol. The building, was finished and formally opened to the public October 9, 1916. Frm its commanding location, a wonderful view of the whole of Salt Lake Valley may be had. TheCapitol proper is 240 feet wide, 404 feet long, and 285 feet high. The general style of architecture is pure Corinthion. The diameter of the dome is 64 feet. Fifty-two granite columns 42 feet high grace the exterior. Total cost $2,739,528.54." Post Card No. 9A-H2203, Postmarked August 4, 1941.

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