Fort Davis National Historic Site, Texas #10208 G-4445. Built in the late 1860s and early 1870s these quarters were 'home' for man of the officers who served at Fort Davis. The flag flies directly in front of the commanding officer's quarters and in the center of the parade ground." Copyright 1990

West Texas - Old Ft. Davis was established in the heart of Comanche and Apache Country during the troublesome years of the Gold Rush. Army detachments protected settlers and wagon trains, the first 'U. S. Camel Corps' was tried on desert expeditions to the Rio Grande."

Old Fort Davis, Texas. Original surgeons headquarters of Old Fort Davis. Established in 1854 for the protection of the Wells Fargo against Indians." Card No. T2, P657.

Indian Lodge, equipped with lovely rooms, a fine restaurant and heated swimming pool, nestles in DAVIS MOUNTAIN STATE PARK like an immense white pueblo. Other Park features are ample out-door-campsites and a spectacular skyline drive which treats the visitor to a Bird's-eye view of surrounding mountains and Old Fort Davis." Card No. 38236-C, purchased June 25, 1970.

"INDIAN LODGE, Davis Mountains State Park, Jeff Davis County, Texas. An immense Madrone tree (nick-named 'Naked Indian' due to color exposed when its think bark peels off) graces the flower-bordered patio with its Wishing Well. The Madrone bears clusters of urn-shaped, ivory-colored flowers (May and June) and red fruit one-fourth inch across ripens in November." Card No. 71.

Unfortunately, the Madrone tree no longer graces the courtyard and although multiple attempts have been made to grow a new Madrone tree the efforts have not been very successful.

FT. DAVIS< TEXAS -- Is a historic town and county seat of Jeff Davis County. Built following the establishment of Fort Davis as a military outpost in 1854. Fort Davis was an important stop on the old Overland Trail, and also served as the county seat of the original Presidio County." Card No. 9292

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