Train 21 -- Awaiting the Call. "1 -- Southern Railway Engine 1210 On A Hot August Afternoon. Pacific Class, Richmond Works Const. #29823--1904. Retired August 1951. Type 4-6-2 Cylinders 22x28. Drivers 72". Pressure 200 lbs. Tractive Effort 36,447 lbs. Weight of Engine 219,690 lbs." Lithography by Hunter Publishing Co., Winston-Salem, N.C. 27103. Photo 1945 at Barber, N.C. by Wm. L. VanHoy 2236 Fairway--Winston-Salam, N.C. 27103.

"All Aboard For Adventure! Austin Steam Train Association. The Austin & Texas Central Railroad. Ride the rails. Join adventurers of all ages abroard the Austin & Texas Central Railroad's beautifully restored vintage steam train asit echoes through the valleys of Central Texas. Just around the bend are exciting new vistas of the Hill Country as canyons, creeks, ranches, and towns roll pleasantly past your window. All aboard!" - 1998

"OLD TUCSON< ARIZONA. THis old antique railroad mail coach serves as an official U. S. Post Office for Old Tucson and surround areas." Card No. B1751, purchased October, 1972.

"Engine Fleet - THE AMERICAN FREEDOM TRAIN (tm). Built in 1941 by the Lima Locomotive Works, Lima, Ohio. The 4449 was one of the 50 'Golden State' engines designed for service with Southern Pacific Daylight trains." Card purchased February 17, 1976.

#122 ENGINE #1221 (SOUTHERN PACIFIC R.R.) Deming, New Mexico. "This locomotive is maintained as a memorial to the vanished era of steam power in a great American Industry. Railroads linked the pioneer cities of the West to the East and made possible the expansion westward." Card No. 53581, purchased October 25, 1972.

Photo and Postal Copyrighted 1910 by J. M. Maurer, Galveston, Texas. Greater Galveston Causeway. "Commenced September 21, 1909, to be completed December, 1910. Cost, $1,500,000.00. Height, 16 feet above mean low tide. Total length, 10,642 feet, divided as follows: 2,000 feet of Unprotected Roadway; 6,183.5 feet of Protected Roadway; Arch Bridge, 2,358.5 feet; Lift Bridge, 100 feet. Protected Roadway portion, total width 119 feet, carrying 40 feet of County Road, 29 feet for double track Interurban, 50 feet for double track Steam Railway and room for third; also 20 feet 6 inch concrete slope on one side and 14 feet 6 inche concrete slope on other. Arch Bridge width 66 feet, carrying 22 feet of County Road, 15 feet for single track Interurban and 29 feet for double Steam Railway track, and will consist of 28 Arches with a 70 foot span, 11 foot 9 inch rise. Foundations for Arches will go from 11 to 16 feet below of bay. Rolling Lift Bridge, width 55 feet 6 inches, carrying 23 feet for County Road and Interurban track, 29 feet 6 inches for double Steam Railway tracks. Causeway will have two lines of hand railing 3 feet high, on both sides of County Roadway. It is Three Quarters of a mile from right hand of Photo to shore End of Causeway. Lift Bridge is in center of Causeway."

"#3833 -- The last of the narrow gauge trains, this excusion train runs in the summer on special occasions only, between Alamosa and Durango, Colorado." Card No. 22914-C.

"Post Cards in Natural Colors. A Leader Among the Santa Fe's Fleet of Streamlined Trains. Published by Fred Harvey, 6 Cards 25 cents. Postage sealed 6 cents, Postage unsealed 2 cents."

"Santa Fe Streamliner in Cajon Pass. Cajon Pass at the summit of the Coast Range is the Santa Fe's Gateway to Southern California. In the descent, tracks drop 2700 feet in 25 miles." Card No. 3C-K647, C-5322.

"Santa Fe Streamliner in the Coast Range. Rising over 10,000 feet, the San Bernardino Mountains of the Coast Range are the last barrier encountered on the 2,223 mile trek from Chicago to Los Angeles." Card No. 3C-K645, C-5320.

"Ascending Raton Pass. Raton Pass, the highest point on the Santa Fe Railroad between Chicago and California, has an altitude of 7,622 feet." Card No. 3C-K643,C-5318

"Santa Fe Streamliner Near Ribera. The double horseshoe curve near Ribera is one of the many scenic spectacles highlighting the Santa Fe's trek through the mountain country of New Mexico." Card No. 3C-K644, C-5319.

"A Santa Fe Streamliner. With its streamlined powerful 6,000 H.P. Diesel-electric engine, a Santa Fe transcontinental train is an impressive sight as it climbs the ramparts of Cajon Pass in California." Card No. 3C-K646, C-5321.

"Dining Car of the Santa Fe's El Capitan. Passengers relax leisurely for a luxurious Fred Harvey meal in the dining car of the Santa Fe's streamlined transcontinental El Capitan." Card No. 3C-K642, C-5317.

"Old Locomotive #1031 -- Florence, S. C. In the center of this railroad hub is this old 'K-15'; popularly known as a 'ten wheeler' because it has six drive wheels. The locomotive is approximately 50 years old and is the property of the City of Florence." Card No. 61223-B, postmarked 1963.

Souvenir Color Post Cards of the Southern Pacific Coast Daylight Trip.

Schedule for Coast Line Trip

"A Map of Your Coast Line Trip"

"Southern Pacific's 'Coast Daylight' in the rocky hill country north of Los Angeles on its scenic journey to San Francisco California." Post Card No. SP15150.

"Southern Pacific's 'Coast Daylight' presents a picture-window view of sun, sand and surf for 113 miles on its daily journey between Lost Angeles and San Francisco, California." Post Card No. SP15148.

"Southern Pacific's Streamlines 'Coast Daylight' follows the blue Pacific shore line for 113 miles on its scenic route between San Francisco and Lost Angeles." Post Card No. SP15149.

"Southern Pacific's 'Coast Daylight' en route to San Francisco glides above the pounding blue Pacific surf for 113 miles on it's journey from Lost Angeles, California." Post Card No. SP15151.

"The Sunset Limited arriving at the Southern Pacific Railway Station, where sunshine and climate are king. Elevation 2,450. Tucson, Arizona." Card No. S17757.

"7790. Grand Central Depot, Houston, Texas." One-cent Postal Card, ca. 1910.

The diesel-powered, stainless steel California Zephyr, daily between Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City and San Francisco, features five thrilling Vista Dome Cars. This train operates via the Burlington Rio Grande, and Western Pacific railroad through the Colorado Rockies and Feather River Canyon. . , the Scenic Way Across America." Postmarked Sept 19, 1956.

"The California Zephyr winds through California's famed Feather River Canyon for over 100 unforgettable miles. Upstairs in the streamliner's five Vista-Domes, passengers can look up, look down, look all around at the magnificent scenery. Burlington-Rio Grande-Western Pacific.

"Reproduction of Mural in New Southern Pacific Passenger Station, Houston, Texas. General Sam Houston - The picture on the opposite side depicts General Sam Houston, President of the Republic of Texas, entering the newly founded city of Houston in August 1837. The building at the left is the first Capitol of Texas and a vision of the present city of Houston with its towering business buildings, railroads and steamship lines appears in the background." One-cent Post Card No. SA-H959, ca. 1937.

"South Station, Boston, Massachusetts." One-Cent Post Card No. 2B-H1003.

South Station in Boston, where the N.Y. Central and other railroads arrived in the 1940s. When traveling from Lynn, Mass. by train the Boston and Maine Railroad (B&M) came in at North Station where there was a subway to South Station. In the picture you can see one of the subway entrances.

"Hotel Manger, at North Station, Boston, Mass. Direct Entrance to Boston and Maine R.R. Terminal and Boston Garden. 500 Rooms with all modern innovations, including radio in every room. New Motor Highway leads direct to Hotel Manger." Post Card No. 11672, Ca. 1940s.

"The California Zephyr Entering the Moffat Tunnel. Here at East Portal, Colorado, the westbound CZ darts through 6.2-mile-long Moffat Tunnel, four thousant feet under James Peak (13,260 feet). From Atlantic slope to Pacific slope i moments . . . either direction the Moffat Tunnel, piercing the Continental Divide, provides easy passage thru Rocky Mountain wonderlands. Burlington - Rio Grande - Western Pacific"

"A trip aboard the luxurious Vista-Dome California Zephyr during the winter months is filled with thrills, as the train travels for hundres of miles through the very heart of the mighty Colorado Rockies during daylight hours. Burlington - Rio Grande - Western Pacific."

"The California Zephyr winds up the east slope of the Colorado Rockies (climbing 4000 feet in 50 miles) and crosses the Continental Divide by way of world-famous, 6.2 mile-long Moffat Tunnel. Burlington - Rio Grande - Western Pacific."

"The Vista-Dome California Zephyr crosses the Sierra Nevada range near the headwaters of the fabulous range near the headwaters of the fabulous Feather River, on its thrill-filled 2500 - mile Chicago-San Francisco journey. Burlington - Rio Grande - Western Pacific"

"Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Highway Near Portland. Seen from Union Pacific Trains. Union Pacific System Pictorial - Post - Card. The Union Pacific's scenic boulevard of steel follows the historic Oregon Trail to the Pacific Northwest." Post Card No. 111212.

Mt. Hood and Hood River Valley, Oregon, reached via Union Pacific System. Some of the magnificent peaks of the Cascade Range may be seen from Union Pacific observation cars. The Union Pacific System parallels the majestic Columbia River for 200 miles." Union Pacific System, Pictorial-Post-Card No. 112139.

Union Depot, Chicago. Union Station, Chicago -- This is located on the corner of Canal and Adams Strees on the west side of the city. It is the terminus of many prominent railroads among them being the Pennsylvania Line, Burlington and Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Roads." No. 215 published by Max Rigot Selling Co., Chicago, Made in U.S.A. One-cent Postcard No. R50215.

Bird's Eye View, North Western Depot, Chicago. "The North Western Depot is located on West Madison Street between Canal and Clinton Streets. The most modern terminal in the world possesing [sic] all the accomodations of a modern hotel with the exception of the sleeping apartments. It was opened on the public on June 6, 1911. Total cost including site, approaches, and track elevations was over $24,000,000." One-cent Postcard No. 242 published by Max Rigot Selling Co., Chicago, Made in U.S.A.

"The Huey P. Long Bridge, New Orleans, La. Connecting New Orleans, La. with the Great West. The Huey P. Long Bridge at New Orleans, La. over the Mississippi River. Erected at a cost of $13,000,000. the total length from railroad approach to end is four and one-half miles. The channel span over the navigation channel of the river is 790 feet. The longest free bridge in America and one of to-day's greatest engineering feats. Two auto-roadways one on each side which are 18 feet wide. Time in erecting about 3 years." "New Orleans -- America's Most Interesting City" One Cent Post Card No. 7AH971.

"Scene on Mt. Lowe Division, Pacific Electric Railway, Los Angeles, Cal." Post Card No. C. 17.

"C-125--Rio Grande Train, In Royal Gorge, Colorado and World's Highest Suspension Bridge. D. & R. G. W. Streamliner with vista dome car passing through famous Royal Gorge along the Arkansas River with the suspension bridge, 1,053 feet above. Royal Gorgeis only shrt distance from Canon City, Colorado." Postmarked August 23, 1956.

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