Entrance to Warner Park - Nashville - Tenn. --17. "Warner Park, just beyond the city limits, contains 2,550 acres and many miles of beautiful drives and enchanting bridle paths and pleasant foot walks. This park is noted for its natural scenery, consisting of rugged, hilly, Middle Tennessee contryside that has been undisturbed by the hand of man." One-cent Post Card No. 9128. Postmarked August 3, 1947.

"Parthenon and Lake - Centennial Park - Nashville, Tenn. -- 5 Lake Warauga lies at the foot of the beautiful terrace in Centennial Park which is crowned by the classic Parthenon, said to be a perfect replica of the famous Parthenon of ancient Greece. The lake was named in honor of the first settlers of Tennessee, who were known as the Watauga or Cumberland settlers. They came to Tennessee in 1769, before the State was admitted to the Union." Card No. 14982, postmarked August 3, 1947.

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