1954 postcard, "Greetings from TEXAS"

"The Worlds Famous Texas Long Horn Steer. Width 9 feet, 6 inches from Tip to Tip." Card no. 22660.

"I'm a little bull but I can "steer" you right. Come on down to Texas and see my big brother." Postcard no. TC-210, copyright 1951.

"Hell in Texas" by the author of Texas a Paradise. Card no. 45002, Tex. 7

"A Texan's Map of the United States", TX-10." Card no. 2C-H651.

"There is still much of the Old West in the make-up of today's Texas Rangers. Horses and the cowboy attire are both necessary to the ranger in extending the arm of law and order beyond the beaten paths of modern civilization." Card no. T-149, color by: The Texas Department of Public Safety.

Card No. 2USTX-LMG/46-XET-4053, published for and distributed by Anderson News Company, Austin, Texas. Purchased November, 2000.

"Guest ranches in the hill country of Central Texas furnish many popular and favorite pastimes." Card No. DB-252, 5958.

"Thousands of tourists pass these stone markers daily entering the Lone Star State of Texas, and, of course, the big hat and cowboy boots are always in style." Card NO. 8772.

"Welcome to Texas. This beautiful stone marker is admired by all visitors as they enter Texas. Located on the State line on each highway, it is perhaps the most photographed monument in the Lone Star State." Card No. 2622B, postmarked 1968 - U.S. Army Reserve 60th Anniversary 1908-1968.

" I Love Texas"

"Blue Bonnets [sic] (Bluebonnets) of Texas (State Flower)" Card No. P892, T115.

TX-3 "Down In Texas" one-cent postcard.

TX-5 "Texas Cowboy Riding a Jack Rabbit" one-cent postcard.

TX-12 Texas A Paradise, by the Author of "Hell in Texas" one-cent postcard.

"Round-Up time in Texas." Card No. TC-687, postmarked August 5, 1955.

"DB-107 -- The beaches of South Texas are known to thousands of tourists and vacationers for the healthful relaxation they provide in the land of plentiful sunshine, truly an ideal spot for summer or winter vacationing."

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