"Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Mo. Home of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team, this 30,500 seat stadium has presented many world championship games. The Cardinals have been National League Pennant Flag winners nine times, and went on to win the World's Series six different years." Copyright 1960, Card No. 30104-B, Postmarked July 25, 1963.

"Entrance to Victory Field, Indianopolis, Ind." One-Cent Post Card No. 6A-H2157, Postmarked August 20, 1947.

"C-12 -- East Ninth Street Pier and Municipal Stadium Cleveland, Ohio. At the Lakefront stands the Cleveland Municipal Stadium which as a seating capacity of 85,000. The $7,400,000.00 Main Avenue Bridge and Cleveland's Mall development can be seen in the center foreground. Towering in the distance is the 52-story Terminal Tower Skyscraper." One-cent Post Card No. 2B-H793.

"204: - Horticultural Gardens, Stadium and Boat Docks, Cleveland, Ohio. Horticultural Gardens, located north of Municipal Stadium. Built for the Great Lakes Exposition of 1936-37, and retained to give the city a unique park development on its downtown lakefront. Contains a wide variety of trees, shrubs and flowers. Open summer months." Post Card No. 48452.

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