1954 postcard from San Marcos, Texas.

"The Masonic Temple, San Marcos, Texas -- Home of the Masonic bodies, Order of Eastern Star, and Order of the Rainbow Assembly of Girls."

Aquarena Springs, San Marcos, Texas was home to the glass bottom boat, birds, fish, and underwater shows. It was a tranquil entertainment park and restaurant that was enjoyed for many years by people of all ages. The property and springs are now part of Texas State University. "Sitting on the sand under the shade of a palm, cooling your feet, can be a real pleasure after a day's visit at Aquarena Springs."

"Aquarena Springs, San Marcos, Texas. Far below the bubbling springs can be seen at a depth of 30 feet. Along the shore the Pirate's Ferry Boat shuttles passengers to and from the tropical Hanging Gardens at Aquarena Springs." Card No. C25334.

Aquarena Springs, San Marcos, Texas. Laughter can be heard as the Submarine Theatre's most hammy performer takes the stage and then into the water; it's Aquarena Springs' famous swimming pig doing his spectacular swine dive." Card No. C25330.

Aquaarena Springs, San Marcos, Texas. Visitors delight in seeing a turn-of-the-century water pump. The six gun pulse quickening excitement of the old West can be found in Texana Village where authentic restoration takes you back in time to Texas one hundred years ago at Aquarena Springs." Card No. C25340.

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