"No. S.F. 94 San Francisco's Famous Powell and Market Street Corner, whre the celebrated Cable Car is turned around
bodily by its crew; to agains set out jauntily on its rollicking journey up and down the hills of the fabulous City by the "Golden Gate."
Designed and Published by Ted Lewy.

Postmarked September 12, 1954.

"S.F. 121 Panoramic View of San Francisco. To capture this scene, the well-known San Francisco artist, Ted Lewy,
sat atop a steep hill, looking down on the cable cars jauntily traveling down Washington Street.
On the right, the tall tower of the Ferry Building, the Oakland Bay Bridge, a ferry boat just leaving for Oakland,
and the well-known Coit Tower. The light yellow structure in the distance is the Federal Immigration Building."
Reproduced from a famous Ted Lewy original.

Postmarked October 4, 1954.

"Hotel Plaza -- In the heart of San Francisco's most exclusive shopping area, opposite Union Square with its two thoughsand car underground garage. Two hundred and eighty-one newly styled rooms, all with bath, free television on master antenna, radio and Muzak. Excellent food in San Marcos Room, coffee shop prices. Clift Hotel under same owner-management." "Mirro-Krome" (r) Card by H. S. Crocker Co., postmarked 1967.

Powell & Mason Sts., San Francisco Cable Car. "Hello from San Francisco-- Here is a cablecar for you. The operators are just turning it on the turntable to start that next trip up a steep hill. These quaint cars are typically San Francisco. Wish you were here!"

"San Francisco's Newest and Finest!" The Red Coach Motor Lodge, 700 Eddy at Polk, San Francisco, California. "Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, featuring direct telephone dialing-fresh in room coffee, TV." Card No. SC10174.

"San Francisco's Ocean Beach. Popular playground and recreation area is San Francisco's Beach. Here it is seen from the Cliff House, with wide beach stretching in the distance and several blocks of amusement concessions at the left. Directly beyond the playground can be seen a portion of Golden Gate Park." Card No. C491.

St. Francis Hotel, Union Square, San Francisco 19. "One of the World's Great Hotels. Dan E. London, Managing Director." Postmarked August, 1952.

"Cliff House. Five miles from San Francisco's Civic Center, lie Seal Rocks and historic Cliff House. Long famous as a tourist center and restaurant, it gives the visitor panoramas hard to equal -- Seal Rocks on which California sea lions perform unceasingly, beautiful views of the broad Pacific and entire beach area." Post Card. No. C492.

" 84 -- Mission Dolores, founded 1776, San Francisco, California. Mission Dolores is situated in the heart of San Francisco. Built in 1776 by the Spanish padres in Spanish renaisance style, the church and its old grave-yard are little changed since Indian neophytes painted the ceiling and the carved wooden altar, which came from Old Spain." Post Card No. 43771.

"San Francisco International Airport. One of the largest airport terminal buildings i the world. It was built at a cost of $15,000,000. Serving as a hub for domestic and world travel, an estimated 3,500,000 people a year will utilize its facilities."

"San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is eight and one-quarter miles long. It was built at a total cost of $97,000.000. Its lofty span stretches from the anchorage in San Francisco to Yerba Buena Island, and continues to the eastern approaches of Oakland and Berkley." Postmarked 1961.

"Street Flower Vendor, San Francisco, California. Perhaps the most unique of San Francisco's Institutions are the colorful flower stands of the street vendors. Bright masses of blooms brighten the Golden Gate City's streets. These fragrant blossoms are brought in daily from the beautiful Bay Region." Post Card No. P4020.

"California Street Cable Cars. A cable-car ride along this broad thoroughfare is replete with magnificent views in all directions. It cuts through Chinatown, part of which is pictured here." Post Card No. 5:SF-30

"San Francisco Cable Car. Looking down California Street. San Francisco had its first cable car in 1873, replacing the horse car used in that period. Creator of the cable railway was Andrew Hallidie." Post Card No. C4263.

"Golden Gate, Fisherman's Wharf and Coit Tower, San Francisco, California. This fine aerial color photo indicates north end of the city. In the foreground is seen Coit Tower and Telegraph Hill; next is Nob Hill and Fisherman's Wharf; in the distance is the Golden Gate, Presidio and Golden Gate Bridge." Post Card No. C9527.

"Coit Tower, San Francisco. High atop Telegraph Hill is the towering Coit monument from which one may enjoy a panoramic view of all San Francisco." Post Card No. C727.

"Famous Round House Restaurant at Toll Plaza - Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Calif." Card No. C8328

"Golden Gate Bridge. This great suspension bridge, connecting San Francisco with Marin County in California, has a center span of about four-fifths of a mile and is held some 250 feet above the tides by the two enormous cables, each made up of more than 25,000 strands." Card No. C28.

"Air View of Golden Gate Bridge. This is the world's tallest and largest single span suspension bridge. It was built at a cost of $35,5000,000, and crosses historic Golden Gate at San Francisco. San Francisco harbor and bay area in the background." Card No. 5:SF-19

"Golden Gate Bridge. This is the world's tallest and largest single span suspension bridge. It was built at a cost of $35,000,000 and crosses the historic Golden Gate of San Francisco. Two main cable towers 746 ft. tall support 36.5 inch master cables from which is suspended a 90 ft. wide 6 lane traffic deck and two pediestrian walks, 266 feet above San Francisco Bay."

"San Francisco Bay Bridge at Night. This is one of the outstanding spectacles of the San Francisco Bay Area. The brilliant rays of the sodium vapor lights can penetrate the thickest fogs. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was built at a cost of $97,000,000. It is a double-deck structure with six traffic lanes on the upper deck and three truck lanes and two interurban tracks on the lower deck." Post Card No. 5:SF-28.

"San Francisco at Night. The fabulous city of San Francisco, as seen from Twin Peaks, is a never-to-be-forgotten sight city with its myriad lights and skyscrapers has a perfect background in the waters of the Bay. The imposing Bay Bridge is San Francisco's link to the East Bay cities in the background." Card No. 5:SF-67, postmarked 1961.

"San Francisco, California. Spectacular view of 'The City by the Golden Gate' as seen from Twin Peaks showing the heart of the city, Market Street, and the Bay Bridge." Card No. 5P29690, postmarked September 25, 1961.

"Cow Palace, San Francisco. Completed in 1941, the Cow Palace was designed as the Home for the Annual Grand National Livestock Exposition, Horse Show and Rodeo. The only indoor Stadium with a Cantilever roof, seats 18,500. Has a surfaced parking area for 4,000 cars." Card No. 5 P11046, postmarked September 22, 1961.

"San Francisco Beach and Great Highway. San Francisco's famous 'Ocean Beach' and 'Great Highway,' along the popular recreational and playground region of the Golden Gate City." Card No. 5:SF-9, postmarked September 22, 1961.

"971 -- San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, Calif. Opened in 1936, this gigantic double-deck bridge is 8.25 miles long. Costing more than 77 millions, the upper deck carries six lanes of private autos and the lower deck trucks, buses and interurban trains."

"Powell at Market Street, Showing Turntable. At the foot of Powell at Market Street is the famous corner where the cable car is turned around bodily by the crew before starting the journey up the hill again." Card No. 5:SF-49

"San Francisco International Airport (Night Scene) The fascinating view that greets you as you approach this modern airport at night. Built at a cost of over $15 million, it serves an estimated 3,500,000 people each year." Card No. 5:SF-66.

"396 -- Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, Calif. Shellfish stands line the Wharf with their steaming cauldrons where live crabs are boiled after the buyer has selected his choice from the stacks on display." Postmarked May 31, 1963.

"Top o' the Mark. Night View of San Francisco From Top O' The Mark. This view from atop Nob Hill shows some of the financial and business districts, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and the lights of Metropolitan Oakland in the distance." Post Card No. C6791.

"Hotel Mark Hopkins - Atop Nob Hill, San Francisco. The Mark Hopinks, San Francisco's smartest hotel, situated high atop Nob Hill commands an unequaled panorama of city, bay, and mountains, yet is but four minutes from downtown shops and theatres. Geo. D. Smith, Gen Manager." One-Cent Post Card, postmarked August 21, 1947.

"35: - Golden Gate Bridge, Spanning the Golden Gate. From the Marin Shore to San Francisco, California. The Golden Gate Bridge brings Northern California and the San Francisco Bay cities into closer and rapid contact. This imposing structure has the largest single span of any bridge in the World, 4200 feet. The total width of the bridge s 90 feet. It has two pedestrian sidewalks and six lanes for automobile traffic." Postmarked May 22, 1947.

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California. In this fine city park of more than 1,000 acres a big area of large exhibit buildings are shown in this aerial color photo. In the foreground are buildings of California Academy of Sciences and Aquarium. In the middle distance is the bandstand and huge outdoor audience seating area. At top are the buildings of DeYoung Memorial Museum." Postmarked March 28, 1963.

"1237--Union Square, San Francisco, Calif. Occupying a full square block in downtown San Francisco, Union Square is a green oasis in the center of the hotel, theatre and shopping districts. Beneath the entire square is a 1700-car garage with access on all four sides."

"Ferry Building, Western America's International Headquarters for Buyers and Sellers engaged in World Wide Commerce, San Francisco." Post Card No. C5009.

"SS. Peter and Paul's Church. Opposite Washgton Square at Columbus and Filbert is this beautiful twin-spired church. Building was started in 1912 and completed some years later. Tower chimes contain 20 pieces with the chime tubes alone weighing over 20 tons.

'San Francisco Flower Stand. One of the many unique flower stands that enhance busy San Francisco corners." Post Card No. C179.

"SF-50 Cable Cars on Turntable. Powell and Market Streets in San Francisco is the famous corner where the cable car turns around on a turntable. REsidents and visitors alike crowd abroad the unique vehicles for a bouncing, exciting trip over the hills of the fabulous city."

"Bay Bridge. A bird's-eye view of the San Francisco-Oakland Bridge (over 7 miles in length). Also sows new branches of Waterfront Skyway, portion of downtown San Francisco, Yerba Buena Island in the San Francisco Bay, and the East Bay cities of Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda, Calif." Post Card No. C9528.

"1603 -- Cable Car, Hyde Street, San Francisco. The cable cars which glide up and down San Francisco's famed hills were invented by Andrew Hilidie in 1873. Regarded with affection by the City's residents they are a reminder of other times in a modern world."

"Top of the Mark" "Twenty floors above the crest of historic Nob Hill is this glamorous glass-walled tower with a 50-mile panoramic view of sparkling cities, two mighty bridges, and the blue Pacific, Truly the world's most spectacular cocktail lounge!" Post Card No. 5:SF-6.

"University of California Medical Center, San Francisco, California. One of the newest, most modern, and largest medical centers in the United States. In addition to the advanced Medical School that the University maintains it is also noted for the Pharmacy and Dentistry College. The California Medical Center situated 'up the hill' from San Francisco's Golden Gate Park overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge in one direction and the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge in the other, in a panoramic view not to be excelled." Post Card No. 5P16031.

"San Francisco Chinatown. Photographed on Grant Avenue in the heart of San Francisco's Chinatown. Here among narrow streets and picturesque shops, is the largest settlement of Chinese outside the Orient." Post Card No. C6136, postmarked November, 1961.

Auditorium Travelodge, 790 Ellis Street, San Francisco, California. 81 Fireproof accommodations in the heart of downtown San Francisco. One block off Highway 102 - 24 hour switchboard service, Radio, TV, Elevator."

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