"The Big Tree, on Goose Island State Park, near Rockport, Texas. One of the largest oaks on earth, this huge tree is estimated to be 2000 years old." Postcard No. 48832.

"Buy Two - Keep ONe, DB-340 The LEANING TREES. As the twig is bent the tree inclines. Constant breezes from the sea create this fantastic growth among the oak trees of the Gulf Coast." Card purchased May 15, 1959.

"DB-339 Exterior view of the MARINE LABORATORY. Rockport, Texas, operated by the Game and Fish Commission of the State of Texas. Visitors are welcome during regular visiting hours." Card purchased May 15, 1959.

"Rockport, Texas, home of the famous 'Fishing Bow' and the Copano Bay Causeway." Card No. 23523, Purchased May 15, 1959.

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