Postcard no. D8-166, no. 1883 showing a palm tree lines highway in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. "South Texas displays many types of beautiful palms to remind you that you are in a semi-tropical climate. Warm winters and cool summers bring many visitors to this area both winter and summer."

"The Box of Oranges I promised to Send You From The Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas." Post Card No. 61902-C-N, postmarked July 8, 1946. "America's Best Grapefruit and Oranges Grow in Texas Valley -- Gateway to Mexico".

"The Lower Rio Grande Valley, Land of Fruit, Flowers and Fun-Shine" "FW-705. The Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas is fast becoming one of the leading resort areas of the nation. Warm winters, cool summers, with plenty of fruit, flowers, and 'funshine', plus the added attraction of only 3 hours drive to fabulous and romantic Monterray, Mexico, brings vacations from far and near. Weather bureau' records, show it to be one of the coolest summer spots in Texas." Postmarked 1977.

"Along the Bougainvillea Trail of South Texas. Several varieties of Bougainvillea lend much tropical color to the parks and residences of South Texas cities, especially during the winter months." Card No. K-128-3, 34153.

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