"Tulsa, Okla. (Oil Capital of the World) sky line. Tulsa -- where the old flavor of the Old West combines with our 300,000 progressive people." Postmarked April 1975.

Federal Building and U. S. Post Office, 333 West 4th St., Tulsa, Oklahoma. Built in 1967--dedicated June 23rd 1967. This 12 million dollar building has a gross area of 468,500 Sq. Ft., and contains basement, six floors, and two mezzanine floors."

"New Tulsa County Library, Tulsa, Oklahoma." Postmarked June 25, 1972.

"ONK-102--St. John's Hospital, Tulsa, Oklahoma." Postmarked April 30, 1972.

"A view of the beautiful University of Tulsa campus; with the McFarlin Library in the back-ground. Home of the 'Fighting Golden Hurricane', Tulsa, Oklahoma." Postmarked May 24, 1972.

"The Mayo Hotel - Oklahoma's Fionest -- Tulsa's Best -- Refined Elegance -- Modern Comfort." Postmarked 1957

"Town & Country Motor Hotel and Restaurant. N.E. of Toll Gate on Highways 66-75-33. 5600 Sapulpa Highway, Tulsa, Okla. 62 Beautifully furnished Air Cond. Rooms - Outdoor Swimming Pool - Restaurant Open 24 Hrs. Complete Hotel Room Service. 2-3 Room family suites. Playground for Kiddies. Phone HIO 6-6611. Post Card No. MA 6-2634, Postmarked 1957.

"One of the world's most beautiful Churches, located at 13 Boston Ave., Tulsa, Oka." Post Card No. P3244.

"ONK-302 -- Tulsa County Courthouse, Tulsa, Oklahoma"

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