"K-4--High Level Bridge Looking East. Cleveland, Ohio, showing Terminal Tower." Postmarked May, 1958.

"Aerial view of Western Reserve University Campus, Wade Park, and Art Museum, Cleveland Ohio."

"C-12 -- East Ninth Street Pier and Municipal Stadium Cleveland, Ohio. At the Lakefront stands the Cleveland Municipal Stadium which as a seating capacity of 85,000. The $7,400,000.00 Main Avenue Bridge and Cleveland's Mall development can be seen in the center foreground. Towering in the distance is the 52-story Terminal Tower Skyscraper." One-cent Post Card No. 2B-H793.

"Terminal Tower and Public Square at Night, Cleveland, Ohio." Post Card No. 5503.

Fully completed in 1930 the Cleveland Terminal Tower was formerly known as Cleveland Union Terminal. The original idea for the building was invented by two brothers by the names of Oris Paxton and Mantis James Van Sweringen. Similar to Cincinnati's Union Terminal, Terminal Tower was utilized as a major center for rail transportation in the Midwest.

Competition from airlines to Ohio as well as the growing popularity of cars faded the need for the railway center and after some time the Cleveland Terminal Tower ceased functioning as a station for passengers. Unhappy with the station idle status the city of Cleveland decided to renovate and revitalize the building, transforming the original Terminal Tower into a shopping center and allowing other commercial ventures use the interior space.

This landmark building is the Public Square's focal point with a unique architectural design much like a castle touret topped with an elevated and detailed dome. Terminal Tower sits on the end of downtown and defines the Cleveland skyline. Upon entering visitors will note ornate nature of the lobby and the fantastic example of internal beaux art. There are also beautiful fountains and skylights found inside.

The greater complex encompassing Terminal Tower is called Tower City and is a popular downtown haunt for local activity. There are office spaces, two AAA Four Diamond , HardRock Cafe, an array of shops and a movie theater inside. A popular spot at lunch time, the food court offers a variety of dining options.

There is a rapid transit commuter rail found in the lower levels. When at Terminal Tower Cleveland attractions can be reached easily. Tower City is conveniently connected to the Gund Arena and during big events and games downtown many people use the fairly inexpensive parking in the garage. When at Terminal Tower Cleveland nightlife at popular bars and restaurants is within close walking distance around E. 4th Street and W. 6th Street.

Terminal Tower stands at more than 52 stories high and was the world's second largest building when it was done. New York City's Empire State Building was the only building standing higher than the Cleveland Terminal Tower at the time. When on the observation deck Cleveland could be seen in all it's glory but unfortunately the deck has been closed off due to security reasons. The record of second tallest building in the world was held by Terminal Tower Cleveland up until 1967 when the Prudential Center was erected in Boston.

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"204: - Horticultural Gardens, Stadium and Boat Docks, Cleveland, Ohio. Horticultural Gardens, located north of Municipal Stadium. Built for the Great Lakes Exposition of 1936-37, and retained to give the city a unique park development on its downtown lakefront. Contains a wide variety of trees, shrubs and flowers. Open summer months." Post Card No. 48452.

"213: - High Level Bridge Looking West Cleveland, Ohio. High Level Bridge is the largest double-deck bridge in the world. The lower deck has a span for six street car tracks and the upper dock is for vehicles and pedestrians. In the background can be seen lake, breakwaters, piers, lighthouses of the shipping in the Cuyahoga River and the huge industrial district called the 'Flat' ". Post Card No. 49597.

"257: -- Cascade, Pool and Bathing Beach at Euclid Beach Park on the Shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland, Ohio. Euclid Beach Park, located on the shore of Lake Erie, eight miles from the Public Square, is the largest and most popular of the city's amusement parks. It is open free to the public from April until October and contains hundreds of amusement devices, also a large athletic field, and a splendid bathing beach. Thousands of schools, lodges and associations hold annual picnics and reunions here." Post Card No. 44496.

"The Heart of Cleveland, Ohio -- 5. Cleveland, an industrial giant, is a city of homes and parks, a city of many cultures, a city of schools and colleges, of literature and art, of music and cathedrals, of public planning and vast public buildings." Post CArd No. 5705.

"Public Sqaure Facing Southesat, Cleveland, Ohio." Post Card No. 5499.

"Cleveland Museum of Art and Lake at Wade Park, Cleveland, Ohio." Post Card No. 5501.

The Cleveland Museum of Art is one of the most fulfilling museums in Ohio with many things to do planned for locals and visitors throughout the year. Established in 1913 "for the benefit of all the people forever," the Cleveland Art Museum features a fantastic permanent collection exhibited over three floors. Also included in the museum are alternating special collections, education and research and a museum store where visitors can pick up a souvenir or two. There are also planned events, which include lectures, tours, films, performing arts and music.

The permanent collection of the Cleveland Museum features more than 40,000 objects for visitors to contemplate. The collection offers art in different mediums including textiles, sculptures, photographs, drawings and paintings. Some of the origins of artist roots stem from Africa, Greece, Rome, India, South East Asia, China, several Islamic countries,Japan and Korea.

A particularly interesting special collection at the Cleveland Museum of Art is American Art. It includes 116 photographs spanning from 1850 to 1960. It interprets the development of photography over the years as well as the evolution of a nation all wrapped up in one exhibit. More than 60 artists are represented in the photography exhibit including Paul Strand, Helen Levitt and the iconic Ansel Adams.

The Cleveland Art Museum is situated amid the cultural hub of the city called University Circle where there is a long history of museums and galleries. The museum is better known for collections such as Columbian, European and medieval Asian. Popular exhibits among visitors include medieval weaponry and armor, their African mask collection and the mummies. The Cleveland Museum houses art from some very famous artists as well including Monet, Picasso, Michelangelo, and Van Gogh.

If you're visiting the museum during good weather, be sure to take a walk around the well-kept, beautiful grounds. When walking around the grounds there are several statues and an attractive fountain to enjoy as well. Many wedding parties choose to have their photos taken at the Cleveland Museum and you'll see many if the weather is nice. The museum is peaceful and quiet inside and out. The better times to go remain earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon although the museum does not tend to get overwhelmingly crowded. There is also a cafe offering food and drinks for visitors.

"C-25 -- Cleveland Museum of Art and Lake at Fine Arts Gardens, Cleveland, Ohio. The Cleveland Museum of Art is a classic structure of Georgia Marble, completed i n1916 at the cost of $1,250,000. It is surrounded by the Fine Arts Gardens. It is one of the beauty spots of Cleveland." One Cent Post Card No. 4A-H1662.

"212 -- Aerial View of Fine Arts Gardens, whowing Art Museum and Severance Hall, Cleveland, Ohio. The Fine Arts Gardens is one of the Beauty Spots of Clevalnd. Severance Hall is the Music Center of Northern Ohio and is the Home of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra." One-Cent Post Card, postmarked August 19, 1947.

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