A set of New York postcards packaged in an envelope. It appears as though the envelope originally showed the Statue of Liberty with the dates 1789 - 1939. A new photo of New York City was glued over the original photo and the envelope contains two postcards. Each postcard is a detailed etching by Elizabeth O'Neil Verner.

Postcard ca. 1940s, Woolworth Building. The Woolworth Building is 60 stories, or 792 ft. high. It was one of the first of the New York Skyscrapers. Etching by Elizabeth O'Neil Verner."

Postcard ca. 1940s, Gramercy Park and Chrysler Building - "The Chrysler Building is 77 stories high, or 1,046 ft. Its assessed value is fifteen million dollars. Etching by Elizabeth O'Neil Verner."

The back side of the New York Postcards with etchings by Elizabeth O'Neil Verner.

Mid-Town Manhattan, New York City. "An excellent Aerial view of United Nations' Building, to the lower right. In back is Chrysler Building and at extreme left Empire State Building. In the foreground is the East River with Hudson River in the backround." Postmarked September 3, 1956.

Greetings from New York City. New York City has a population of over 7,500,000 people and is known everywhere as the 'Sky-scraper City.' Radio City, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Woolworth Building, are some of the tallest and largest buildings in the world and form an integral part of New York's famed skyline." Post Card No. 16196, dated October, 1945.

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