"Picnic Area, White Sands National Monument. This area supervised by the National Park Service includes 140,247 acres covered with pure crystaline gypsum. The tgleaming white sands are piled in dunes and drifts by the prevailing southwestern winds. The park service road continues past interesting formations to the center where the picnic grounds and play area beckon -- COME -- PLAY -- FEEL YOUNG AGAIN." Card No. 613 - 21941.

100--THE GREAT WHITE SANDS. A National Monument Near Alamogordo, N. M. "The only area of its kind in the world, composed of crystallized gypsum and one of the wonders of the Southwest. The mile high Sacramento Mts. in the background, the dunes from 75 to 100 ft. in height, and the vegetation struggling to keep its head above the encroaching sand are all well shown in the picture." One-Cent Post Card.

109 -- SUNSET ON THE WHITE SANDS, NEAR ALAMOGORDO, NEW MEXICO. "By all means, visit the White Sands at sunset! The feeling of mystery, the quietude of the great expanse of snow white sands, the golden sunset turning at its last moments to rose and violet as darkness finally closes in. Then the day is gone, leaving this reat bulk of whiteness still visible thru the shades of night." One-Cent Post Card.

"FJS-2 White Sands National Monument, New Mexico. Located 15 miles southwest of Alamogordo, New Mexico, these gleaming pure white (gypsum) sand dunes cover 140,247 acres. Supervised by the National Park Service, there are many interesting displays in the headquarters and museum building on its formation, development, plant and animal life found in the sands. The store attached sells White Sand Souvenirs (made from the gypsum sand), post cards and short snack items. The park service road continues through the sand dunes to a play and picnic area in teh heart of the GREAT WHITE SANDS."

"White Sands of the Southwest Shifting and Drifting." Post Card No. P464, T71.

"291 -- Museum at White Sands National Monument, near Alamogordo, N.M." Postmarked July 24, 1949.

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