"Ruidoso, New Mexico's seven mile long main street can only be pictured a section at a time. Over one-half million people visit this mountain resort during the year for fishing, horse-racing, golf, Indian Ceremonials, rodeos, sight seeing, night clubbing, skiing and other outdoor activities. Ruidosa is on U. S. Highway 70 between Roswell and Alamogordo, high in the Sierro Blanco Mountains of Southern New Mexico." Post Card No. 96048, purchased July 26, 1961.

"The Old Dowlin Mill. One mile off Highway 70 at Ruidosa, New Mexico is over 100 years old. The 20 ft. high wheel is still turned by water during the summer months and corn and wheat are ground on flint stones inside the building. Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett and General Pershing were some of its more colorful visitors." Card No. 68034, purchased July 26, 1961.

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