"Mountain and Desert Scenes in New Mexico" "Organ Mountains" & "Spills and Thrills with a Bucking Broncho" Postage 1-1/2 cent without message.

"No. 96 Tesuque Indian Pueblo on Highway 64 between Taos and Santa Fee, New Mexico. The Pueblo nearest to Santa Fe, the name meaning 'Cottonwood Tree Place'. The Tesuques are a brance of the Tewas, and altho a small tribe are well known for their distinctive Raingods, drums and prints." Postmarked August 29, 1941.

"252 -- Lea Lake, Bottomless Lakes State Park, Near Roswell, N.M. The legend of the origin of the name of this area is interesting. Cowboys in the early days tied several lariats together to measure the depth of the lakes. Unable to touch bottom, the name "BOTTOMLESS" was bestowed and has remained. Lea Lake is the center of the recreation area. The deep crystal waters, nestling in strange rock formations, reflect pictures ever changing, while the rim drive affords wonderful views of the lakes and surrounding country." Postmarked August 20, 1949.

"N-29 -- Cowboys of the Southwest" Postmarked September 3, 1951.

"P26 -- The Beautiful Rio Grande winding its way through New Mexico." Postmarked July 30, 1956.

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