"Bird's Eye View of New Orleans, La., Showing Historical French Quarters." One cent Post Card No. R-33976, postmarked January 1939.

"City Park, New Orleans, La. -- 59." Post Card No. 23833N, postmarked April 22, 1922.

Canal Street, Looking West, New Orleans, La. -- 6. Card No. 9752.

Arts and Crafts Club Court Patio, New Orleans, La. -- 158. "One of the most famous of the city's beautiful courtyards, 520 Royal Street. This corner showing the old stateway and arch is painted and photographed more than any other place in old New Orleans." Card No. 3124N

Brulatour Courtyard, 520 Royal Street, New Orleans, La. - 19. "Brulatour Courtyard, 520 Royal Street, New Orleans, La. Down on Royal Street in New Orleans in the heart of the Vieux Carre, in surroundings of romantic beauty, the Brulatour Courtyard is the most famous and has been painted and photographed more than any other place in old New Orleans." Posted Sep. 1, 1949. Card No. 18870. "New Orleans -- America's Most Interesting City"

New Hibernia Bank Building, New Orleans, La. "The Hibernia Bank Building is undoubtedly the most beautiful bank building in the South and is 355 ft. high. It is located i the heart of the financial district and has a floor space of 180,000 square feet. It is 23 stories high. The powerful electric lantern in the tower is called the 'Torch of Progress' " Domestic One-Cent Postcard No. R-86056.

St. Charles Hotel, New Orleans, La. Accommodating 1,000 Guests. A Dinkler Hotel, Carling Dinkler, Pres. Card No. 17160N, posted Dec. 4, 1947. A

Teche Line Coach, in City Park, New Orleans, La. One-cent Post for United States and Island Possessions, Cuba, Canada, and Mexico. Two-cents for foreign. Card No. 36889. "Teche Lines. See the South via Teche Coaches, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Visit New Orleans. The Evangeline Oaks, Mobile, Salt Mines, Sugar Plantations, Convenient schedules in all parts of the United States, Canada and Mexico. Station 400 North Rampart Street, New Orleans, Louisiana."

"The Roosevelt Hotel 'The Pride of the South' in the Heart of New Orleans. This picture shows the Roosevelt Hotel the finest in the South. It is the home of the famous Blue Room. New Orleans' finest Supper Club. The Roosevelt has been designed to meet the demand for the highest type of hotel service and accommodiations in New Orleans. A 100% air-conditioned hotel. Card No. 57577-B, posted marked July 25, 1964.

"The Blue Room, The Roosevelt, New Orleans, LA. The South's Finest Dinner and Supper. Dancing Room. Music by the Nation's outstanding dance bands. Superb floor show twice nightlypresenting outstanding entertainment. A 100% Air-Conditioned Hotel." Card No. 63328-B

"615 Royal St., New Orleans. The Romantic Rendezvous for lovers of Famous New Orleans Creole and French Dishes in the Vieux Carre's Largest and most Beautiful Patio." "The Court of the Two Sisters is the loveliest and most spacious patio in the French Quarter. It gained its name from the fact that two sisters for many years conducted a notion and variety store at this site. The former residence of Governor Perier Cenier, who ruled the French Colony from 1726 to 1733, a mecca for thousands of New Orleans visitors."

"Arnaud's Restaurant. A memorable occasion, indeed, when you frequent Arnaud's! Romance and tradition surround this famed restaurant situated in the Old World atmosphere of Vieux Carre. Visitors from every corner of the earth give glowing accounts of the unique culinary art of Arnaud's the most facinating restaurant they have ever visited! 801-829 Rue Bienville, New Orleans, Louisiana." One-Cent Post Card, postmarked September 9, 1949.

"The Huey P. Long Bridge, New Orleans, La. Connecting New Orleans, La. with the Great West. The Huey P. Long Bridge at New Orleans, La. over the Mississippi River. Erected at a cost of $13,000,000. the total length from railroad approach to end is four and one-half miles. The channel span over the navigation channel of the river is 790 feet. The longest free bridge in America and one of to-day's greatest engineering feats. Two auto-roadways one on each side which are 18 feet wide. Time in erecting about 3 years." "New Orleans -- America's Most Interesting City" One Cent Post Card No. 7AH971.

"Alto Tourist Court. Located on U.S. 90 - 6 Miles West of business district. New Orleans' Most Modern. Located on U.S. 90, (Old U.S. 51, 61, 65) 6 Miles West of business district. New Orleans' Most Modern. 1.5 Miles East of Huey P. Long Bridge, New Orleans - America's Most Interesting City." Post Card No. A-1696.

"Seeing All the Sights in New Orleans, LA. -- Jackson Monument - 218. New Orleans -- America's Most Interesting City." Postmarked August 13, 1947.

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