"Colored Souvenir Post Cards - Scenes of Boston, Mass. Manufacturered for The Union News Company, fifteen cents per set of 10 cards."

#1 "Christ Church (Old North), Boston, Mass. Built 1723. In the steeple of this Church on the night of April 18th, 1775, two signal lanterns were displayed by request of Paul Revere to warn Col. Conant and the watchers on the Charlestown shore, that the British troops were crossing the Charles River on their way to Lexington and Concord." One-Cent Post Card No. 3A-H1198.

"Faneuil Hall, Custom House and Statue of Samuel Adams, Boston, Mass. Partially destroyed by fire in 1762. Considerably enlarged since revolutionary times, and next to Independence Hall, Philadelphia, the most interesting building in the United States. The Custom House Tower seen in the background is the highest building in New England. Samuel Adams, whose statue is in the foreground, helped to organize the Revolution and signed the Declaration of Independence." One-Cent Post Card No. 3A-H1173.

"Custom House Tower, Boston, Mass. is the highest building in New England. The new tower reaches 505 feet in the air and has a total of 30 stories in all." One-Cent Post Card No. 3A-H1194.

"Old State House, Boston, Mass. Restored in 1908-09. Dates from 1748, although its outer walls belonged to its predecessor, the sedond Town and Provice House built 1712-13, which was partially destroyed by fire in 1748. The first town hall, located on this identical spot, and completed in 1659, was destroyed in the great fire of 1711." One-Cent Post Card No. 3A-H1180.

"General View of Waterfront, Boston, Mass. Boston is one of the largest seaports on the Atlantic Coast. It is one day nearer Europe than any other port. Most of the Transatlantic steamers touch Boston before entering New York. The waterfront district still retains some of its picturesque aspects of early days." One-Cent Post Card No. 3A-H1198.

"Old South Church, Boston, Mass. Referred to as 'Sanctuary of Freedom,' this Church as been restored in the aspect which it bore in the pre-revolutionary period. Benjamin Franklin was baptized in this curch.-- The tablet on the tower has the following inscription: 'Old South Church, Gathered 1669, First House built 1670, Present structure erected 1629. Desecrated by the British Troops 1775-76.'" One-Cent Post Card No. 5A-H2042.

"Boston Common and State House, Boston, Mass. made famous during the revolutionary war, still retains the same area it had in that historic time. Along the Tremont Street side are located a number of subway entrances and exits and the street is lined with curious and old buildings of a uniform design built many years ago." One-Cent Post Card No. 3A-H1177.

"State House, Beacon Hill, Boston, Mass. Occupies part of the John Hancock estate, the highest point in the city. The historic 'Bullfinch Front,' erected 1795-97, constituted the State House for more than half a century. The extension to Mt. Vernon St., the Bryant addition, was erected 1853-56 and the 'State House Annex,' extended back from the Bryant addition was added 1889-95. One-Cent Post Card No. 3A-H1191.

"Bunker Hill Monument, Charlestown. Boston, Mass. Erected to commemorate the Battle of Bunker Hill. It is 220 ft. high and the top is reached by a spiral flight of stone steps. It contains 294 steps to reach the top. The building of Bunker Hill monument was begun in 1825; the corner stone was laid by Lafayette; Daniel Webster delivered an oration at this ceremony; the work was completed on June 17, 1843. From the small windows at the top, a beautiful view of the scenery for many miles can be seen." One-Cent Post Card No. 3A-H1186.

"South Station, Boston, Massachusetts." One-Cent Post Card No. 2B-H1003.

"Motel Manger, at North Station, Boston, Mass. Direct Entrance to Boston and Maine R.R. Terminal and Boston Garden. 500 Rooms with all modern innovations, including radio in every room. New Motor Highway leads direct to Hotel Manger." Post Card No. 11672.

"Parker House, Boston." One-Cent Post Card, postmarked August 6, 1948.

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