"St. James Park, Los Angeles, Calif. St. James Park is a private park for the exclusive use of the residents who reside
by the side and is part of the property of several millionaires whose homes adjoin it. The beautiful tropical verdure
and palms are much admired and lend distinction to the surroundings."

One-cent postcard postmarked September 26, 1918.

"FREEWAY "STACK" - Los Angeles, Calif. An engineering masterpiece. Four levels of steel and concrete, branching into the "Hollywood" "Harbor", "Santa Ana", and "Arroyo Seco" freeways. Civic Center in distance." Card No. P8929, Postmarked June 30, 1955.

Don Lowell Motel, 12059 Wilshire Blvd., West Los Angeles 25, Calif. "12 lovely carpeted units, all with tile showers. Innerspring mattresses, radios, wall heaters, garages & kitchens with Frigidaires, Restaurants nearby, 5 minutes to Beach; 30 minutes to downtown." Postmarked July 22, 1955

"City of Greater Lost Angeles 'A city of lights' at dusk, with the famous Griffith Observatory in foreground." Post Card No. L-58.

"619 -- 'Broadway', Los Angeles, California. The city of Los Angeles was founded in 1781 with eleven families of settlers from Mexico, now has a poulation one and one-half million persons in an area of 450 square miles." Postmarked October 19, 1949.

"LA-32 United States Post Office, Terminal Annex, Los Angeles, California. The new $1,700,000 Terminal Post Office adjoining the new Union Station, provides 400,000 square feet of floor space where some 1700 Post Office employees handle all the incoming and outgoing mail for the Metropolitan Los Angeles area." Card No. OB-H2589 is postmarked June 19, 1947.

Lookout Mountain Park, Between the City and the Sea. Home Office: 1093 Story Building, Los Angeles, Cal. There has been a distinct demand for building lots at a resaonabe price upon a high elevation where there is more pure air and a fine view, along real mountain environments, yet close enough to the City to be easily accessible for business men. Lookout Mountain Park supplies this ideal; beautiful boulevard roadways up and down the mountain; and purest of mountain spring water; and above all, the most wonderful panoramic view to be had on the Pacific Coast, showing the mountains, the ocean, the Islands of Santa Catalina and Santa Barbara and 20 Cities and towns in the valley below. This addition is reached by the Los Angeles Pacific Laurel Canyon Electric Cars, and a most charming automobile ride from Laurel Canyon station to the mountains' peak."

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