"DB-581. The rugged terrain in Garner State Park, near Leakey, Texas, provides an inviting spot for a winter or summer vacation." Postmarked June 15, 1958.

"DB-539 Entrance to Garner State Park between Concan and Leakey, Texas. 640 acres of scenic grandeur in Frio Canyon with its tree-shaded camping and picnicking area along the crystal-clear Frio River." Card No. 713B.

"DB-368 This Rustic Stone Concessions building, in Garner State Park near Leakey, Texas, is typical of the permanence and beauty in the many State Parks of Texas." Card No. 88299.

"DB-586 Horse back riding is a popular sport in Garner State Park, Concan, Texas. Other facilities to delight the vacationer are swimming, dancing, miniature golf, water cycling, boats, foot trails, mountain climbing and playground equipment for the children." Card No. 39488.

"DB-583 Swimming in the Frio River in Garner State Park between Uvalde and Leakey, Texas." Card No. 39458.>/p>

"DB-541 Dancing Pavilion at rear of Concession Building on the banks of the Frio River in Garner State Park, near Leakey, Texas." Card No. 7158

"DB-584 Named after Vice President John Nance Garner, the Garner State Park contains over 600 acres of rugged terrain on the Frio River and is ideally suited for camping, fishing, swimming, horse riding and most any outdoor sport that appeals to the vacationer. Cool summers and warm winters are yours to enjoy in the Hill Country near Leakey, Tex." Card No. 39468.

"Garner State Park of Texas" "DB-656 For every lover of the great outdoors. Garner STate Park near Leakey, Texas, offers almost every kind of outdoor recreation including water sports, riding horses and a sample of mountain climbing. Garner Park has beautiful picnic and camping areas plus modern cabins for those who prefer them." Card No. 10254-B.

"DB-544 Garner State Park and the Frio River as seen from the 500 foot high rock cliff just below the dam. Garner State Park has 640 acres of beautiful vacation facilities near Leakey, Texas" Card No. 718B.

"DB 717 Water Cycling is a popular recreation on the Frio River in beautiful Garner State Park located between Uvalde and Leakey, Texas." Card No. 14657-B.

"The porch leading to the patio of the Administration Building in the Garner State Park of Texas, named after former Vice-President John Nance Garner who contributed the land to the Texas State Parks Board."

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