"Junction, Texas - Downtown - U. S. Hi-Way N. 290. Junction, Texas is located 59 miles east of Sonora, and 63 miles west of Fredericksburg, Texas on U. S. Hi-Way No. 2990. JUnction is situated in the forks of the Llano River. In the beautiful "Hill Country", where sportsmen congregate to enjoy the best hunting and fishing in Texas. Most of the ranchers in this area raise sheep and goats, and as a result - Junction's main industry is wool and mohair." Card No. S-47207-2, card purchased June 23, 1970..

"The South Llano Bridge" Junction, Texas - This bridge crosses the South Llano River, below "Lover's Leap", which can be seen in the background. Junction, Texas is seated in the forks of the North and South Llano Rivers and is one of the longest bridges in the state of Texas. Junction is noted to have the finest hunting and fishing in the state. Card No. S-47206-2, purchased June 23, 1970.

"Tea Cup Mountain, Junction, Texas" Postmarked June 16, 1954.

Looking West across the South Llano River toward Junction. Postmarked June 16, 1954.

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