"Discovery Well A No. 1 - Iraan, Texas is proud of the two largest oil wells on the North American Continent, Iraan, Texas." Card No. 020378. Yates Field Discovery Well - Marathon Oil Company I. G. Yates A No. 1, surface elevation 2399 feet.

"Museum -- Iraan, Texas. Constructed 1965. Contains artifacts and burials of Pre-Historic Indian culture, collection of minerals found in West Texas and fossils of the cretaceous period; artifacts of old forts and camps along the Chihauhua Trail and San Antonio-San Diego stage line where Museum is located. Iraan, Texas". Card No. 020380

"Alley Oop's Top Hat. A delight to all children. The top hat is 20 feet tall and is 29 feet in length at the base. The figure has two slides for adults and children alike. From the top of the cigar you can slide down through the head and the other slide is down his shoulder. Iraan, Texas." Card No. 020379.

"Dinny the Dinosaur. One of Iraan, Texas' leading attractions is this famous friend of Alley Oop. Located at Iraan's Fantasyland Park, Dinny is 65 feet long, weighs 80,000 pounds, and loves children. V. T. Hamlin, creator of the Alley Oop comic character, conceived the idea in 1929 while he was in Iraan, Texas." Card No. 61196.

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