Flack House, Vandalia, Illinois. Sketch by Josephine Burtschi. "Built in late 1820's. Stood in Vandalia as an Inn across from the Statehouse during capitol days, Lincoln, Douglas and the legislators stopped there. It is removed from the original site to its present location a block away." Posted July, 1957.

Mabry Tourist Court, Vandalia, Ill. Eat - Sleep- Gas, with Mabry Tourist Court. Northside Vandalia, Illinois. 32 new units, deluxe Restaurant, Shell service on routes U.S. 40, U. S. 51 and State 185. Beauty REst Box Springs and Mattresses, Goosedown pillows. Cozy winter and summer. Always open. Illinois Greates Tourist Mecca." Post Card No. 56261, postmarked June 10, 1957.

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