Postcard no. 436, 50436, postmarked September 29, 1927. "The Chicago Temple, Chicago. This building, located at Clark and Washington Streets, is 21 stories high, surmounted by a 140 ft. tower. It is the home of the First Methodist Church, which occupies the first two floors. The upper 19 stories are used for offices.".

Union Depot, Chicago. Union Station, Chicago -- This is located on the corner of Canal and Adams Strees on the west side of the city. It is the terminus of many prominent railroads among them being the Pennsylvania Line, Burlington and Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Roads." No. 215 published by Max Rigot Selling Co., Chicago, Made in U.S.A. One-cent Postcard No. R50215.

A Sunday Afternoon at the Lake Shore, Lincoln Park, Chicago. One-cent Postcard No. 389 published by Max Rigot Selling Co., Chicago, Made in U.S.A. "A Sunday Afternoon at the Lake Shore, Lincoln Park, Chicago. Lake Shore Drive extends south along the eastern part of Lincoln Park parallel to the mile-long lagood, which contains all kinds of small craft. From the south entrance of the park the Drive skirts the Lake Front and on the left are some of the most beautiful residences in the City. On the right as a shaded bridle path, and beyond a gentle sloping beach with great blocks of granite as a protection from the storm waves."

Bird's Eye View, North Western Depot, Chicago. "The North Western Depot is located on West Madison Street between Canal and Clinton Streets. The most modern terminal in the world possesing [sic] all the accomodations of a modern hotel with the exception of the sleeping apartments. It was opened on the public on June 6, 1911. Total cost including site, approaches, and track elevations was over $24,000,000." One-cent Postcard No. 242 published by Max Rigot Selling Co., Chicago, Made in U.S.A.

Victorian Room, Palmer House, Chicago. "The beautiful crimson and gold Victorian Room of the Palmer House is famed for quiet charm and the dinner music of the Palmer House Ensemble."

Greetings from Illinois - No. 2B-H327. Postmarked July 14, 1948.

"Chicago Temple, (First Methodist) Clark and Washington Streets. The world's tallest and Chicago's oldest church, is located in the heart of the dowtown Loop, having occupied this site for 116 years. Its spire, floodlighted at night, is an impressive sight. The chimes are heard throughout the downtown area. The 'Sky Parsonage' and the 'Sky Chappel' are located in the tower, 330 and 400 feet above the street. An active weekday program culminates on Sunday, with overflow congregations coming from all the states and many countries around the world. The church is open daily for meditation and prayer. Charles Ray Goff, Paster. Sunday Services, Noonday Meditations, and Tours Daily." Postmarked September 23, 1956.

"The Palmer House - Chicago. The famous Empire Room of the Palmer House is renowned for its presentation of America's finest floor shows and outstanding dance orchestras."

"The Civic Opera Building, Chicago, Illinois houses the Chicago Civic Opera. The building is forty-two stories high and is located between Madison, Washington, and Wacker Drive. It occupies an entire block just west of the Chicago Loop." Post Card No. P2986, Postmarked June 26, 1958.

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