1945 postcard from Houston, Texas. "The Roy Gustav Cullen Memorial. University of Houston, Houston, Texas-2". "The Roy Gustav Cullen Memorial, a building at the University of Houston, newest institution of higher learning in Houston, is shown here. Part of the building can be mirrored in the beautiful reflecting pool located in the foreground. The building was donated by H. R. Cullen capitalist and philanthropist. In memory of his son, Roy Gustav Cullen, at a cost of $345,000."

Ca. 1940s, "Loading Cotton at Houston, Texas".

Ca. 1950s, "The New Hermann Hospital, Texas Medical Center -- Hermann Park, Houston, Texas."

Card no. 6A-H1562, ca. 1930s, "San Jacinto Memorial at San Jacinto Battlefield, near Houston, Texas." "San Jacinto Memorial Shaft to be erected at historic San Jacinto Battlefield near Houston, as an enduring tribute to the heroes of the Republic of Texas. In addition to the shaft which will be 564 feet in height, taller than the Washington momument, the San Jacinto Memorial will include a museum of Houston and Texas history, art hall and other public meeting places."

The Texas Parks and Wildlife website states: "The monument was a Public Works Administration project started on April 21, 1936 and dedicated on April 21, 1939. The project was completed on time, three years to the day after it was started. The 9-pointed star is 35 feet tall, weighs 220 tons and can be seen as a star from any direction in the site because of its unique configuration. The foundation all this rests on is a solid 15 feet of concrete at the center, tapering to a 5-foot thickness at its edges. By architect specifications, the foundation had to be a continuous pour lasting 57 hours, amounting to 100 cubic yards of concrete per hour. As you approach the San Jacinto Monument you will no doubt notice the 15-1/2 foot tall bronze doors weighing 3,000 pounds apiece. These doors carry reliefs of the six flags which have flown over Texas."

"The total cost of the Monument was $1,500,000. This was provided by federal, state and local funds." Read more about the San Jacinto Monument: Texas Parks and Wildlife and learn more.

San Jacinto Memorial at San Jacinto Battlefield, near Houston, Texas -- 26. Alfred C. Finn, Architect. Card No. 27092N.

Ca. 1950s, Card no. 81780. "Houston's Welcome To The World" "Rice Hotel, B. F. Orr, Manager. 1,000 Modern Rooms, Air Conditioned, Houston's Convention Hotel."

Card no. 1169-30, ca. 1940s, "Heart of Houston, Texas' Largest City, Esperson-Second National Bank and Gulf Buildings". "Downtown Houston is impressive in its newness; wide streets; its condensed, but not over-crowded, business section."

A Main Street View, Houston, Texas. Card no. 212.781.(LV) The Leighton & Valentine Co. (L&V), N.Y. City, printed in United States

The New Young Men's Christian Association, Houston, Texas. One cent postcard no. OB-H1837. "The Houston Young Men's Christian Association is ten stories high and contains 1,816,000 cubic feet of space. Its cost, including site and furnishings is in excess of $1,000,000. The architectural style of the building is Italian Renaissance, inviting and colorful. The interior, also is featured by extensive use of color on walls and ceilings."

City Hall, Houston, Texas. Joseph Finger, Inc., Architects. One-cent postcard no. 8A-8161. "10 story City Hall occupying central position in new civic center, completely air-conditioned."

"19:--Convention Hall and Exposition Building, Houston, Texas." Card no. 42263

"Sam Houston Monument at Entrance to Hermann Park, Houston, Texas -- 41. Hermann Park, one of Houston's larger parks has an interesting zoological garden where many varied specimans are housed in permanent buildings. Houston's park system comprises 2,516 acres." One-cent postcard, No. 23705-N.

"The Domed Stadium - Houston, Texas" "Arial view of Houston's new air-conditioned Sports Stadium, referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World." Card No. AP-6521, 2557-C. Postmarked September 11, 1967.

A Scenic Souvenir of Houston, Texas - Copyright MCMXLVIII [1948]. The back cover of the folder shows a picture of Foley Bros. Dept. Store.

"Houston, Texas' Largest City"

"7790. Grand Central Depot, Houston, Texas." One-cent Postal Card. Ca. 1910.

"Theatrical District at Night, Houston, Texas -- Houston - Texas' Largest City" One-Cent post card no. 2A-H195.

"Reproduction of Mural in New Southern Pacific Passenger Station, Houston, Texas. General Sam Houston - The picture on the opposite side depicts General Sam Houston, President of the Republic of Texas, entering the newly founded city of Houston in August 1837. The building at the left is the first Capitol of Texas and a vision of the present city of Houston with its towering business buildings, railroads and steamship lines appears in the background." One-cent Post Card No. SA-H959, ca. 1937.

"A Road Thru the Woods, Houston, Texas" Post Card No. 3087, published by S. H. Kress & Co.

"Panoramic View of Hermann Park & Houston Skyline." Postmarked April 14, 1961.

"Night View of Skyline, Houston, Texas." Post Card No. P20701.

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