"The Reef Hotel . . . world famous Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head as viewed from the new hotel's makai (seaside) accommodations." Card No. S-142. Nani Li'i Natural Color Card, Say "Nonnie Le'e" it's Hawaiian for "Little Beauty".

"Aloha from the Gang in Hawaii. Hawaiian Serenade - - - near a tropical Island beach, kelkis and their elders present a typical, tuneful, bit of colorful Hawaii." Card No. S-97, purchased in May 1959.

"The Blow Hole is one of Hawaii's salt water geysers. This unusual volcanic-formed attraction is on Oahu's rugged south shore line, only a few miles from Honolulu." Card No. S-147, purchased in May 1959.

"Hawaiian Village, Waikiki . . . This popular new hotel overlooks Hawaii's blue Pacific and the warm sparkling sand of her world-famous Waikiki Beach.: Card No. S-152, purchased in May, 1959.

"Liliuokalani Park, Hilo, Hawaii . . . the colorful Pavilion Bridge and the decorative, stone Half Moon Bridge illustrate the graceful Oriental motif of Hilo's most famous park." Card No. S-123, purchased May, 1959.

"Nuuanu Soto Mission . . . This beautiful Temple was designed and erected in 1950 by Honolulu's followers of the great religious teacher, Buddha." Post Card No. S-137, purchased May, 1959.

"KH-730 Rabbit Island -- A spectacular point of interest to all tourists. This island is on the windward side of the island of Oahu." Card purchased May, 1959.

"Ocean Sunset" Card No. HSC-13.

"Haleakala Crater . . . this vast pit in Hawaii National Park on Maui (Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa in distance) is 21 miles around the rim." Card No. S-54, purchased May, 1959.

"Diamond Head and Outrigger Canoe. . . the magical radiance of an island twilight enhances the memorable beauty of golden sands at Waikiki." Post Card No. S-100, purchased May, 1959.

"Fern Forest near Kilauea on the island of Hawaii. Some of these giant fern trees exceed a height of 40 feet." Post Card No. KM-774, purchased May, 1959.

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