The Galveston Causeway, Galveston, Texas, no. 126872 ca. 1940s. "The Galveston Causeway connects Galveston Island with the mainland and ranks among the greatest engineering feats of this country--it is two miles long and cost approximately $4,000,000. All railroad, interurban and vehicular traffic enters and leaves the city by this route. The huge lift-bridge in the center of the structure is the largest of its type in the United States.

No. 2A-H283 ca. 1940s. Mallory liner entering the harbor at Galveston, Texas. "Palatial Mallory line passenger ship entering Galveston. This line is very popular in passenger trade, also handling great cargoes of freight between Galveston and Miami and New YOrk."

No. 26647 ca. 1940s. Excursion Boat "Galvez" Galveston, Texas. "For business and excursion trips, moonlight sails and dancing parties, United States inspection. Capacity 250 passengers"

Moonlight on the Gulf of Mexico, Galveston, Texas. No. 14045 N ca. 1940s.

Texas Heroes Monument at Broadway Boulevard and 25th Street, Galveston, Texas. No. 5A-H2211 ca. 1940s.

"Greetings From Galveston, Texas" "We Came Down for a Change and Rest, The Waiter Gets the "Change" and the Hotel Gets the "Rest"." Ca. 1940s no. 2A-H281, photograph by U. S. Army Air Service.

"Bathing in the Surf, Galveston, Texas". Ca. 1940s, no. A.237, printed on back "One Cent for United States and Island Possessions Buba, Canada and Mexico. Two Cents for Foreign."

"Galveston's $1,500,000 Pleasure Pier, Galveston, Texas" Numbered 133 and 73883, 1951 postcard. "Galveston's $1,500,000 Pleasure Pier is approximately 225 feet wide at the boulevard end and extending into the gulf 1300 feet. It will provide year around facilities and accommodations for young and old, including dancing, fishing, yacht boat docks, aquatic sports, fun, palace, amusements, exhibit spaces, restaurants, air conditioned auditorium, ice-skating rink and other features.

Beachfront Amusement Center, Galveston, Texas. Card no. SK5603. "Amusement piers, beachfront hotels and restaurants along Galveston's Seawall Boulevard are geared to take care of thousands of tourists like these pictured in front of the Buccaneer Hotel durin gthe summer season."

New Surf Bath House, Galveston, Texas. One-cent postcard no. A-235. Published by Purdy's Book Store, Galveston, Texas.

"8033 Sea Wall, Galveston, Texas." The sea wall that never was, an artist's conception of a sea wall that never was.

Galveston-Bolivar Ferry, Galveston, Texas. Card no. 101, 69144, published by Galveston Wholesale News Co., Galveston, Texas. Postmarked August 7, 1947.

Photo and Postal Copyrighted 1910 by J. M. Maurer, Galveston, Texas. Greater Galveston Causeway. "Commenced September 21, 1909, to be completed December, 1910. Cost, $1,500,000.00. Height, 16 feet above mean low tide. Total length, 10,642 feet, divided as follows: 2,000 feet of Unprotected Roadway; 6,183.5 feet of Protected Roadway; Arch Bridge, 2,358.5 feet; Lift Bridge, 100 feet. Protected Roadway portion, total width 119 feet, carrying 40 feet of County Road, 29 feet for double track Interurban, 50 feet for double track Steam Railway and room for third; also 20 feet 6 inch concrete slope on one side and 14 feet 6 inche concrete slope on other. Arch Bridge width 66 feet, carrying 22 feet of County Road, 15 feet for single track Interurban and 29 feet for double Steam Railway track, and will consist of 28 Arches with a 70 foot span, 11 foot 9 inch rise. Foundations for Arches will go from 11 to 16 feet below of bay. Rolling Lift Bridge, width 55 feet 6 inches, carrying 23 feet for County Road and Interurban track, 29 feet 6 inches for double Steam Railway tracks. Causeway will have two lines of hand railing 3 feet high, on both sides of County Roadway. It is Three Quarters of a mile from right hand of Photo to shore End of Causeway. Lift Bridge is in center of Causeway."

United States Post Office and Custom House, Galveston, Texas. One-cent postcard no. 6A-H427, postmarked September 9, 1938.

Typical Ocean Going Vessel, Galveston, Texas. "Calling at Galveston laden with products from and for foreign markets. An average of 2475 like vessels annually make Galveston the regular port of call." Card no. 126826

GN-1 Aerial view showing playground section of Galveston Beach, Galveston, Texas." Postmarked July 4, 1957.

"The Hotel Galvez and Villa Overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Galveston, Texas." Postmarked November 4, 1957.

"159 -- Beach Front, Galveston, Texas showing Hotel Buccaneer and Murdoch's Bathhouse." One-Cent Post Card, postmarked April 28, 1951.

"Galveston, Texas. Hotel Galvez and Villa, one of the finest on the Gulf Coast." Post Card No. P20721.

"Ferry Boat connecting Galveston with Highway 87 to Beaumont. Port Arthur and Points to East Texas. The Texas Highway Department operates these free Ferries which cross every half-hour. They are the safest afloat."

"Greetings from Galveston" One-cent Post Card.

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