Card no. C-17803, Fredericksburg, Texas.

"Vereins Kerin -- Colorful landmark now used as a museum and library but once was located as the center of the community , being used as a church, meeting house, and fort.

Enchanted Rock, Fredericksburg, Texas - 2. No. 6008

"Enchanted Rock, solid red and colorful hues, covering 160 acres, over 400 ft. high. Visited by thousands of tourists yearly."

One-cent postcard of Historic Cross Mountain, near Fredericksburg, in the heart of the Hill Country of Texas. "Cross Mountain -- Pioneer settlers erected the first of a series of crosses atop this ancient landmark more than a century ago. Sunrise services are held on the summit each Easter."

Enchanted Rock is located off highway 16 between Llano and Fredericksburg, Texas. Largest Granite Mountain in the Southwest, 500 feet high covering 640 acres. Enchanted Rock has two caves and many curious bolders, and the name is derived from famous Indian Legends. Captain Hoyes repulsed a band of Indians here in 1841. Tourists and vacationers can enjoy this gigantic Enchanted Rock with its many beautiful shade trees, running spring water and picnic grounds." Card No. 8971.

Farms in the Valley Adjoining Bear Mountain, Fredericksburg, Texas. Card No. 61480-C.

"Lang's Mill, Fredericksburg, Texas. Built in 1849, now a relic of cherished memories and a beauty spot at Fredericksburg." Card No. 61241-C.

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