"Cheltenham, The Ladies College". Raphael Tuck & Sons, Town & City Post Card "Art Publishers to their Majesties the King and Queen"

"Dove Cottage"

Dove Cottage, formerly an inn known as the ‘Dove and Olive’, is first recorded in a list of pubs of Westmoreland in 1617. It remained a pub until 1793, and the oak-panelled walls and slate floors still recall the drinking rooms of those years. In 1799 the poet William Wordsworth undertook a walking tour of the Lake District with his close friend, and fellow poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It was on this tour that he first saw Dove Cottage, by now available as a house to rent, and, in late December 1799, he and his sister Dorothy moved in. Dove Cottage was Wordsworth’s home until 1808; eight years of ‘… plain living, but high thinking’, during which Wordsworth produced what are now regarded as his finest works. It is through his sister Dorothy’s journals, kept at Dove Cottage, that the daily life of the poet and his family is illustrated so clearly. Read more regarding Dove Cottage and its history at the online site of The Wordsworth Trust

Grasmere Church. Valentine's Series

Prince of Wales Hotel, Grasmere. Card No. 21515.

`Worcester, Edgar Tower. "Platino Photo" Postcard. Pictorial Stationery Co., Ltd. London. Peacock Brand. Printed at the Works in Saxony.

"Worcester "The Cross" The Wrench Series, printed in Saxony.

Worcester "Trinity House" Card No. 3781 B. "Platino Photo" Postcard. Pictorial Stationery Co., Ltd. London. Peacock Brand. Printed at the Works in Saxony.

"St. John's Chapel, Cambridge." Postmarked March 24, 1962.

"Lynmouth, Watersmeet" Card No. 1084 - 85067>/p>

"Greetings from London. London: This is the city of contrasts; from fish and chips to the savory grill. Portobello Market to Bond Street, the Tower of London to the Bowater Building, dustmen to dukes (and it's often hard to tell them apart too), and bowler hats to bowling alleys--all of this goes to make up the most fascinating city in the world. Entertainment knows no bounds, night clubs, theatres, cinemas and sight-seeing tours guarantee to hold the visitor enraptured for the duration of his stay."

Postmarked Horsham, Sussex.

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