Administration Bldg., Texas State College for Women, Denton, Texas -- 5. This building was erected in 1903 at a cost of $60,000.00, in 1916 made fireproof; and two wings were added at a cost of $100,000.00. It is a four story structure and contains about 85 class rooms and business offices, including the administrative offices of the college." Postmarked June 23, 1954.

Upperclassmen Dormitories. Texas State College for Women, Denton, Texas." "Brackenridge Hall (left), named in honor at Miss Eleanor Brackenridge, one of the first regents of the College, houses members of the Junior Class. Stoddard Hall (right), named in honor of Mrs. Helen Stoddard, one of the founders of the College, is the official home of the Senior Class." Postmarked May 31, 1954.

"Little-Chapel-In-The-Woods. Texas State College for Women, Denton, Texas. Little-Chapel-In-The-Woods Designed for small groups and for individual religious worship, the Little-Chapel-in-the-Woods is built of native gray Texas field stone. National Youth Administration boys constructed the building, and students of the Art Department of the College designed and executed such interior features as mosaics, stained glass windows, light and altar fixtures." One-Cent Post Card, Postmarked November 29, 1950.

"Texas State College for Women, Denton, Texas. Student Union Building. The Student Union Building is the focus of the social life of the campus. Many a delightful hour is whiled away here. Its ballroom and its recreation room are in use all during the year. Many happy memories are centered here." Postmarked May 31, 1954

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