"Greetings From the Border, Del Rio, Texas. Looking toward Villa Acuna, Mexico frm International Bridge at Del Rio, Texas." Toll Schedule posted on sign: Car & Driver - 25 cents; Pickup & Driver - 25 cents; 1 1/2 ton truck - 50 cents; Tonnage per box - 10 cents; Passenger each - 10 cents, Saturday passenger - 5 cents; Pedestrians each - 10 cents, Saturday 5 cents; Bicycle & rider - 10 cents, Saturday - 5 cents.

"International Bridge over Rio Grande River Between Del Rio and Villa Acuna, Mexico." Card No. 21927.

"Del Rio, Texas - Entrance to Laughlin Air Force Base, Del Rio, Texas." Card No. 21925.

"The Mexican Kitchen Fine Mexican Food. 807 E. Losoya St., Del Rio, Texas."

"Brinkley Estate: This two-story white stucco mansion on Hudson Drive in Del Rio, Texas, in its better days was the home of the late Dr. John R. Brinkley, colorful and controversial figure of the 1930's, whose broadcasts over his 500,000-watt Radio Station XER were known far and wide." Post Card postmarked March 27, 1984, Card No. G7817.

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