A vintage postcard, ca. 1940s, of the Marlu Courts owned and operated by Clara Harland Petersen in Corpus Christi, Texas. No. 10,177F "Marlu Courts; 19 Kitchenettes and Hotel Rooms; One Block From Waters Edge; 3711 Timon Blvd. - North Beach Corpus Christi, Texas” Petersen’s Marlu Courts were upscale compared to most other North Beach tourist courts and cottages of that era.

A vintage postcard showing an aerial view of Corpus Christi, Texas. No. 0C-H2044 ca. 1940s "Corpus Christi is located on the western and southern shores of Corpus Christi Bay along a crescent shore line. This view shows the city's principal business district. In the foreground are the yacht basins and in the background the city's deep water port and industrial district."

Vintage 1946 postcard no. OB-H1555. "Evening scene of Corpus Christi Bay, Corpus Christi Texas."

A vintage 1952 postcard no. 83990 of the "Nueces Causeway, Corpus Christi, Texas".

A vintage card no. 83991 showing: "Ocean Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas."

Scene on North Beach, Corpus Christi, Texas. One-cent postcard, no. 3A-H1498

I am looking for an early 1940s post card (or snapshot) of Corpus Christi North Beach which shows the old Sunset Courts.
The post card above shows only a small portion of Sunset Courts, which is located between the large white building
and the red roofed courts that are facing the water. On this card the small portion of Sunset Courts which shows
has a brownish colored roof. Please contact me if you can help.

North Beach, Corpus Christi, Texas. One-cent postcard, no. 27. Postmarked July 9, 1946

North Beach, Corpus Christi, Texas -- D-9. One-cent postcard, no. 28577. Postmarked September 4, 1945

Nueces Hotel, Corpus Christi, Texas. One-cent postcard, no. A-63345

Corpus Christi Greyhound Race Track -- 5302 Leopard Street. Racing year round, 7 days a week. 500 seat-Dining room serving lunch, dinner plus concessions and bars throughout the track." Card No. P62595, purchased in 1999.

"Corpus Christi, Texas. Hotel Row on Upper Broadway showing the Robert Driscol and the White Plaza Hotels." Card No. CC-2.

The Bluff at Corpus Christi, Texas as viewed from the north. The buildings pictureed are modern office buildings and hotels with the Corpus Christi Cathedral at the extreme left. The Bluff is beautifully landscaped and separates Downtown Corpus Christi from the business and residential section on "The Hill". Card No. P33659.

"Harbor Bridge, Corpus Christi, Texas. Spanning the channel entrance to the nation's ninth largest seaport, the 5,817 ft. long Harbor Bridge is the highest (234 ft.) in Texas. Built at a cost of $17,000,000, clearing the 400 foot wide channel by 140 feet, the Bridge speeds auto traffic above even the largest ships." Card No. P33657.

This beautiful Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Corpus Christi is a very imposing landmark, resting high on the hill less than a block from Downtown Corpus Christi, Texas." Card No. S-6482-3.

"Located on the Western shore of Corpus Christi Bay, this city was founded in 1839. It is the oil capital of South Texas and the tenth busiest port in the nation as well as a favorite vacationing center, especially for those who enjoy fishing and swimming." Card No. P21995, "Plastichrome" (r) by Colourpicture Publishers, Inc. Boston, Mass., U.S.A. Cole's Office Equipment Co., 719 Leopard, Corpus Christi.

"Corpus Christi, Texas. View of Bluff from downtown, showing Wilson Tower, White Plaza and Driscoll Hotels." Card No. P10912.

"North Beach - Corpus Christi, Texas. Viewed from the north end of the Harbor Bridge Highway." Card No. P65266

"Corpus Christi Drawbridge. Freighter entering Corpus Christi Harbor." Card No. T43, P618. Postmarked June 26, 1953.

"The Bluff at Corpus Christi, Texas as viewed from the north. The buildings pictured are modern office buildings and hotels and the Corpus Christi Cathedral at the extreme left. The Bluff is beautifully landscaped and separates Downtown Corpus Christi from the business and residential section on 'The Hill'." Card No. P11579, postmarked Aug 6, 1955.

"DB-196 Main Lobby of the Driscoll Hotel, Corpus Christi, Tex." Card No. 3009.

"Greetings from Corpus Christi, Texas." One-Cent Post Card, no. 7A-H1196, purchased September 1938.

"We recommend Koronado Hotel Kovrts. Corpus Christi - San Antonio - Joplin, 170 Units. A Complete Service for the Traveler Yesterday--Today--Tomorrow." One-Cent Post Card No. 3460N, postmarked Corpus Christi, August 15, 1950.

"Spohn Park," Corpus Christi, Texas. Post Card No. B3993.

"Driscoll Foundation Children's Hospital, Corpus Christi, Texas. Robert Driscoll and Julie Driscoll and Robert Driscoll Jr. Foundation Children's Hospital, as created by the will of Clare Driscoll. It is a general children's hospital for the benefit of the children of South Texas, primarily children through the age of sixteen years." One-cent postcard.

"Ocean Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas, skirts the shore of Corpus Christi Bay from the city southward to the Naval Air Training Station, where Navy flyers are trained. Many of the city's finest homes, some costing $50,000 and more, flank the driveway."

In Corpus Christi, Texas, this deep magenta bougainvillea blooms twelve months in the year. Winter or summer, you'll find Corpus Christi the ideal vacation land."

"Nixon Cafe, Wilson Bldg., Corpus Christi, Texas." "Where Friends Meet" Corpus Christi's Leading Restaurant Govatos Bros' & Nicols Serving the best of foods for 26 years in the same location. 24 Hour Service." Post Card No. 13,924F, postmarked Nov. 6, 1955.

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