471 -- Trail Ridge Road at the Beaver Dams in the Hidden Valley, Estes Park, Colo., Rocky Mountain National Park. Card No. 1A3627-H. Posted Aug. 24, 1941. "The Trail Ridge Road after leaving the High Drive at Deer Ridge follows the Hidden Valley to its head passing a series at little lakes formed by the beavers and called the Beaver Dams. This shallow valley is a unique affair tucked behind a ridge on the right of north running far back into the mountains and lying at the base of the high hills that jut out at the eastern end of Trail Ridge."

"Fern Lake, situated near the head of beautiful Fern River, is another rare specimen of lake beauty found only in Estes Park." Postmarked June 14, 1948" No. 15299, copyright F. P. Clatworthy.

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